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come and protest!

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Saturday, 12:00 PM

From Oranienplatz to the Ohlauer School

Enough is enough! We are angry!

The politics of Berlin’s Senate are cynical! While Merkel is talking about the costs of residences at the chancelor’s office on 23.10.2014, in Berlin 100 people are being thrown out into the street. Forcefully evicted without warning! All of these people were part of the Oranienplatz agreement. The senate is breaking its word again, and politicians are repeating their police violence. This is all happening at a time when winter is approaching and during “Mos Maiorum”, where thousands of police officers are seeking refugees. At the end of October, the occupied Gerhart-Hauptmann School on Ohlauerstr. Is to be forcefully evicted again. The previous attempt to evict the school in June/July 2014, failed in spite of a 10 day stand off with the police. No one is going to disappear into thin air. You can’t evict a movement. The politics of lies and intimidation carried out by the senate and district is not working. We are not going to leave the school, we are going to continue to fight for our rights. We have begun work on many projects: a press, a café, a bicycle repair workshop, the international women’s space, music, theater, etc. Our neighbors stand by us.

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WARNING: EU-wide police operation against refugees!!!

An EU-wide police operation with the name „mos maiorum“ is taking place from 13th to 26th of October. During two weeks 18.000 police forces will chase people without papers. They want to find out about our migration routes and arrest as many of us as possible. Please warn all people without papers! Encreased controls are expected in trains, train stations, on airports, on highways and on inner-european borders.

emergency number for people facing problems when controlled in Berlin: 0151 12874001

document describing EU police operation “Mos Maiorum”

mapping mos maiorum check points

a website for documentation on police actions during “mos maiorum” operation

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Call for support/ bitte unterstützen

Hello everybody,
Because of yesterday’s expulsions of refugees from their lodgings Berlin Cult e.v. youth club spontaneously gave shelter to 20 persons. The support of these People cannot be managed by the club on it’s own. Please help donating foodstuffs and other useful things.
Many thanks in advance on behalf of the club!

Josepha Motter

Ein Hallo an alle,
im Zuge der gestrigen Räumungen von Flüchtlingsunterkünften hat der
Jugendclub von BerlinCult e.V. spontan 20 Flüchtlinge aufgenommen. Die
Unterstützung dieser Menschen kann der Verein nicht allein
Wer kann mit Lebensmittel- und Sachspenden helfen?
Im Namen des Vereins schon mal Danke,

Josepha Motter

Bei Unterstützungsangeboten oder Nachfragen:

BerlinCult e.V.
Liebigstr. 19
10247 Berlin
030 / 30 60 81 52

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Call for Solidarity – Distribution of sleeping places, Oct. 25th at 7m on Oplatz

- Deutsch unten -

Today at 7pm there will be a meeting of all 
supporters and refugees who were evicted 
yesterday from the lagers in order to 
distribute sleeping places. If you know 
refugees from Harleemer Straße, Askanierring, 
Blaschkoallee, Marienfelder Allee or Gürtel-
straße who are in need of shelter the 
following days, inform them about this 

Do not forget to hand out and spread the phone 
number that coordinates the sleeping places: 
0176/3732 54 99.
Heute um 19 Uhr findet ein Treffen aller 
Supporter_innen und von Abschiebung und Obdach-
losigkeit bedrohten Refugees statt, um Schlaf-
plätze zu koordinieren. Wenn Ihr Refugees aus 
den Lagern (wie Harleemer Straße, Askanierring, 
Blaschkoallee, Marienfelder Allee oder Gürtel-
straße kennt, die für die nächsten Tage eine 
Unterkunft suchen, gebt ihnen Bescheid. 
Vergesst auch nicht die Telefonnummer für die 
Schlafplatzvermittlung weiterzugeben und 
rumzuschicken: 0176/37325499.

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Common declaration against the expulsion of 100 refugees out of their shelters at short notice

Common declaration against the expulsion of 100 refugees out of their shelters at short notice

Declaration against the expulsion of 100 refugees out of their shelters onto the street by Berlin Government. The expulsion came by surprise at short notice, one day in advance. The statement is signed by various cultural institutions of the town, including one of the big state theatres, Maxim Gorki Theatre.


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Attempted suicide when threatened with deportation!

Amir Wajihat need us now. was in the agreement attempted to suicide and is going to be deported. spread it please. #oplatz #refugees #berlin

Amir Wajihat from Pakistan attempted suicide yesterday and until now his situation is critical. He is also one of the persons who was in the Oranienplatz agreement. The police wants to deport him to Hungary! Please spread this and get the media involved.


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