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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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LOOKA HERE! Magazine, Edition No. 11 (digital version) out now!

looka here cover
(to read the magazine as a PDF, please click on the cover)

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Story by Dawid Krawczyk of Krytyka Polityczna on the Refugee Movement Berlin: “Not everything works out as planned”

On Ohlauer Strasse in Berlin there is a building that once housed a co-educational high school. Later it stood empty. Now refugees live in it. Behind a gate with two guards, under constant surveillance.

‘No, no! You can’t take photos here. Outside the bars you can,’ I hear a few seconds after I decide to enter the school area. Alongside the guards I also see a smiling man coming towards me. He wears a winter cap and a light down jacket. His name is Alnour Ahmad-Hassan, a resident of the school. He calms the guard down.

‘Okay, let’s get out of here. At the corner there is a café. We can sit there and talk in peace,’ Alnour suggests.

‘So this is how it is here now?’ I ask, surprised.

‘Yes, more or less. You see, they are isolating us here completely.’

fot. Andrea Linss
Entrance gate of Gerhart Hauptmann school at Ohlauer Straße, Berlin. 2 July 2014 © Andrea Linss


‘What would you like to know?’ asks Alnour several minutes later, sipping his black coffee.

‘Everything, basically.’

‘If everything, it would be good to start at the beginning.’

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Oplatz: Open letter to district and senate

FullSizeRenderToday the Senate of Berlin and the District Council Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg ordered the removal of the info-point container at Oranienplatz. But be aware:


Open letter to the Berlin Senate and Friedrichshain / Kreuzberg District Council

(francais en bas – deutsch unten)
Date 13.07.2015
As you know, “The House of the 28 Doors” at Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg was attacked on the night of 30/31.03.2015, in what was probably an arson attack. The solid wooden structure burned down completely in no time at all. The small
information-centre container provided by the District suffered serious fire damage and can no longer be used. The material damage amounts to several tens of thousands of Euros; the weatherproofing materials for the “House of 28 Doors” were funded entirely through donations and all the work on it was done by volunteers.
Fortunately no-one was hurt in the fire.The perpetrator(s) have not yet been identified. Continue reading

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Statement of the GHS regarding the district’s eviction plans and the decision of the Administrative Court

We want to stay in the school, but self-organized!

Never try to fool, the people from the school!

We, the inhabitants of the Gerhart-Hauptmann-School in Kreuzberg, want to make again clear that we want to stay in that half of the school building that was promised to us in the agreement of the roof occupation (July 2014).

The administrative court in Berlin confirmed on the 25th of May that we have the right to live in the school!! Therefore, the plans of the district to evict us, have been also blocked by a official German court!

Still the district is continuing its ignorant and racist policies against us. Just after the publication of court decision, the district stated that the living conditions in the building are so dangerous because we would cook over open fire?! We are not cooking over open fire! We do not have enough to eat, so we cannot even think about how we want to prepare our food!

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Concert in solidarity with the people in the school and for organizing sleeping places


German below:

23th of April – SO36 – 8.30 p.m. / Entrance from 7.30 p.m.

Concert in solidarity with the people in the school and for organizing sleeping places for a long term solution


*Dota Kehr (Kleingeldprinzessin) Duo with Jan Rohrbach

*Francesco Wilking & Moritz Kraemer (Die höchste Eisenbahn) *

*Danny Dziuk – solo*

*Antinational Embassy – Duo*


Admission: 8-12€, Refugees free of charge

Address: Oranienstraße 190, Heinrichplatz, Bus – M29



23. April – SO36 – 20.30 Uhr / Einlass 19.30 Uhr

*Soli-Konzert**an der Seite…*von Menschen aus der Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule und anderen setzen wir uns als NIO (Nachbarschaftsinitiative Ohlauer Straße) für verschiedene humanitäre und politische Anliegen ein – und teilen trotz aller Widrigkeiten den Wunsch nach einem International Refugee Center.


Solikonzert im SO36 – 23.04.2015 zur Unterstützung der Menschen in der Gerhardt Hauptmann Schule (GHS) und der Schlafplatzorga


*Dota Kehr (Kleingeldprinzessin)*Duo mit Jan Rohrbach

*Francesco Wilking & Moritz Kraemer (Die höchste Eisenbahn) *

*Danny Dziuk – solo*

*Antinational Embassy – Duo*


Oranienstraße 190, Heinrichplatz, Bus – M29

*Soli-Eintritt:*8 bis 12 Euro, für Refugees – free

Veranstaltet von NIO & KUB (Nachbarschaftsinitiative Ohlauer Straße & Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle für Flüchtlinge)

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Call for Solidarity – Distribution of sleeping places, Oct. 25th at 7m on Oplatz

- Deutsch unten -

Today at 7pm there will be a meeting of all 
supporters and refugees who were evicted 
yesterday from the lagers in order to 
distribute sleeping places. If you know 
refugees from Harleemer Straße, Askanierring, 
Blaschkoallee, Marienfelder Allee or Gürtel-
straße who are in need of shelter the 
following days, inform them about this 

Do not forget to hand out and spread the phone 
number that coordinates the sleeping places: 
0176/3732 54 99.
Heute um 19 Uhr findet ein Treffen aller 
Supporter_innen und von Abschiebung und Obdach-
losigkeit bedrohten Refugees statt, um Schlaf-
plätze zu koordinieren. Wenn Ihr Refugees aus 
den Lagern (wie Harleemer Straße, Askanierring, 
Blaschkoallee, Marienfelder Allee oder Gürtel-
straße kennt, die für die nächsten Tage eine 
Unterkunft suchen, gebt ihnen Bescheid. 
Vergesst auch nicht die Telefonnummer für die 
Schlafplatzvermittlung weiterzugeben und 
rumzuschicken: 0176/37325499.