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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Story by Dawid Krawczyk of Krytyka Polityczna on the Refugee Movement Berlin: “Not everything works out as planned”

On Ohlauer Strasse in Berlin there is a building that once housed a co-educational high school. Later it stood empty. Now refugees live in it. Behind a gate with two guards, under constant surveillance.

‘No, no! You can’t take photos here. Outside the bars you can,’ I hear a few seconds after I decide to enter the school area. Alongside the guards I also see a smiling man coming towards me. He wears a winter cap and a light down jacket. His name is Alnour Ahmad-Hassan, a resident of the school. He calms the guard down.

‘Okay, let’s get out of here. At the corner there is a café. We can sit there and talk in peace,’ Alnour suggests.

‘So this is how it is here now?’ I ask, surprised.

‘Yes, more or less. You see, they are isolating us here completely.’

fot. Andrea Linss
Entrance gate of Gerhart Hauptmann school at Ohlauer Straße, Berlin. 2 July 2014 © Andrea Linss


‘What would you like to know?’ asks Alnour several minutes later, sipping his black coffee.

‘Everything, basically.’

‘If everything, it would be good to start at the beginning.’

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FREE HIKMET!!! NO DEPORTATIONS! Donations for Legal Costs Needed!

Alle bleiben Freiheit für Hikmet Roma

Hikmet bleibt!

On October 9, 2015, our brother and friend HikmetPrizreni was arrested and he is threatened with deportation!

On that day Hikmet, accompanied by his brother Kefaet, went on an official visit to the Immigration Authority. The Clerk asked Kefaet to wait outside and secretly called the police. Hikmet was then arrested by the police on the basis of an invalid/void arrest warrant. In lightning speed, Hikmet was before the Judge and then taken to detention prison awaiting trial.

Because Hikmet’s status was ‘toleration’ (Duldung) he is now threatened with deportation to Kosovo. A country Hikmet does not know, and in which he, and as Roma, faces discrimination and violence.

Hikmet is also known to many as the artist Prince-H. He thrilled audiences with his energy and musical talent and often performed at cultural events and concerts for human rights. We know him as a creative, humorous, non-conformist who put his art in the service of living peacefully together, without discrimination or exclusion of other cultures.

We need your help! The cost of the competent lawyer are high. Hikmet needs in this situation a good legal advice and this costs money. Any help and any small amount is important! Please share this Donation call, asking friends and acquaintances. Many thanks!


Recipient/Spendenkonto: Roma Center
Account No./Kontonummer:170399, Bank No./Bankleitzahl: 26050001
Reference/ Verwendungszweck: Free HIKMET


New Article:Free Hikmet!



protocol #5 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin

free all lagers.

this is our 5th protocol to form a “lager mobilisation”-group in berlin and maybe later on in brandenburg. again, around 19 people were there – thanks to u all. please add, correct and criticize in the comment section.

protocol #5 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin
1. introduction
2. weekly action + URGENT ACTION
3. next meeting

13th october 2015, 7pm at migrationsrats office –

address: oranienstr. 34, 10999 berlin-kreuzberg, right backyard, 2nd floor, please ring the bell, if the door is closed
next to u-station kottbusser tor

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Open Letter to those who are governing Western countries (by Emmanuel Mbolela)

Emmanuel Mbolela Open Letter

Emmanuel Mbolela Open Letter to the governers of the western world

Francais en bas



Dear governors of the western world,

In front of the chaotic and dramatic situation of the Syrian refugees which we bear witness to today, which adds up to many more, in particular those refugees fleeing African countries, and in front of which you have kept remarkably silent and complicit, which have now caught up with you, but which  you feign to discover with the terrible images of the drowned baby Aylan (may his soul rest in peace), broadcasted these days by your countries’ tv channel, I make it my citizen’s duty to send you this letter. For me it is a way to express my solidarity and compassion for  the Syrian refugees, as I have always done with other migrants and refugees from Africa, and as others have done with me when I was, together with fellow African refugees in the same situation of flight.
Furthermore, I would like to express to you my indignation towards this situation which of course is a result, for one thing, of your domination politics, which you never cease to produce, day and night, in your laboratories, and for the rest, of  the cynical, inhuman, and drastic so-called border-control measures which you have introduced.

First of all, I want to express all my solidarity to the Syrian men, women, children and babies who have lost their own or their beloved ones’ lives because they were fleeing the atrocities of war and  blood-shedding repression skillfully sparked, kept and orchestered by the system of this world’s mighty ones, and who have found themselves left to die and been denied entry in the countries where they could have found refuge. May the death, pain and suffering of these men, women, and defenseless children call out to the entire human community.

My thoughts also go to the migrants and refugees of subsaharian Africa, who fall in the desert, far away from TV channel’s cameras, and to those dying in the Mediterrannean every day, and who shall not be rescued lest, so the western world’s governors, many more try to come.

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Weiterhin Soli-Unterkünfte für Refugees gesucht!

Tausende Menschen sind in diesem Jahr bereits erzwungen obdachlos. Die Räumung des Oranienplatzes und die Teilräumung der GHS-Schule wird täglich fortgesetzt, ob direkt vor Ort oder in den Notübernachtungen, von denen die meisten nur bis Ende März geöffnet hatten.

Ende letzten Jahres wurden hunderte ehemalige Oranienplatz-Bewohner_innen aus ihren Unterkünften auf die Straße gesetzt – ohne Vorwarnung, ohne Hinweise auf weitere Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten und ohne versprochene „Hostel-Gutscheine“. So sollen sich die Refugees auf eine Abschiebung vorbereiten. Mehrfach kam es dabei zum Bruch von Vereinbarung, wie im Fall des Abkommens der Bewohner_innen der Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule mit dem Bezirk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg oder die „Oranienplatz-Vereinbarung“, in deren Folge keiner von über 500 Geflüchteten einen Aufenthaltsstatus erhielt.

Refugees in Berlin haben gezeigt, dass sie dieser rassistischen „Law-and-Order“-Politik nicht wehrlos gegenüberstehen und führen ihren politischen Kampf fort. Aber auch dieser braucht Rückzugsräume! Aus diesem Grund etablierte sich die Schlafplatzorga am Oranienplatz. Wir versuchen, obdachlosen, zum Teil illegalisierten Refugees einen vorübergehenden Schlafplatz zu organisieren.

Dabei geht es in erster Linie darum, eine Unterkunft bei solidarischen Unterstützer_innen und nicht in sozialen Hilfseinrichtungen zu vermitteln. Es kommen täglich zwischen drei und acht Menschen zum Oplatz. Aus der Liste der möglichen Angebote gibt es jedoch nicht genug Ressourcen, um für alle aktuell obdachlosen Refugees Schlafplätze zu organisieren.

Da die meisten der organisierten Räume nur vorübergehend zur Verfügung stehen, werden weiterhin vor allem Zimmer und Wohnungen benötigt, in denen Refugees übernachten und wohnen können. Wer also kurzfristig oder auch langfristig Schlafmöglichkeiten, Zimmer oder Wohnungen zur Verfügung stellen oder teilen kann, ist herzlich eingeladen sich mit uns in Verbindung zu setzen: oder auf dem Info-Telefon: 0176 – 37 32 54 99.

Unter dem Link Soli-Unterkünfte gesucht findet Ihr ein Flyerposter, das ihr gerne verbreiten, verschicken und ausdrucken könnt. Wer sich außerdem vorstellen kann, uns bei der Vermittlung von Schlafplätzen zu unterstützen, ist eingeladen, zu einer Schlafplatzschicht auf den Oplatz zu kommen – Montag bis Freitag, 18 – 20 Uhr.




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Press Statement Anti Frontex Days 2015 in Warsaw

On May 21st, the “International Day without Papers,” migrants, activists and supporters met in Warsaw to protest against the European border policy, and in particular its military wing, the so-called security agency FRONTEX, based in the Polish capital, during its 10th anniversary celebrations.

The demonstration was part of the Anti Frontex Days where activists met already days before for an exchange, to prepare actions and information material for a strong demonstration to protest, but also to raise political awareness. 200 people carried out a strong and colorful protest starting from the Technical University “Politechnika”, passing a police station, the representative office of the EU as to finally handover a birthday present to FRONTEX in front of their headquarter. With banners, leaflets, performances and multilingual speeches the demonstration was able to reach a lot of public interest about EU migration policy and its deadly effects.

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Greetings from Anti Frontex Days Warsaw

Greetings from the Anti Frontex Days in Warsaw/Poland ! Today’s demonstration is organised by different international groups and activists. If you want to see in live pictures and demo of our protest actions here In Poland, see all here, start from 5 pm.

Please check following pages for further information and the live stream:
Facebook :

In solidarity with all protest demos against frontex in Brussels, Paris, Rome, and also in Morroco…

“Stop War on Migrants”

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