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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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LOOKA HERE! Magazine, Edition No. 11 (digital version) out now!

looka here cover
(to read the magazine as a PDF, please click on the cover)

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Story by Dawid Krawczyk of Krytyka Polityczna on the Refugee Movement Berlin: “Not everything works out as planned”

On Ohlauer Strasse in Berlin there is a building that once housed a co-educational high school. Later it stood empty. Now refugees live in it. Behind a gate with two guards, under constant surveillance.

‘No, no! You can’t take photos here. Outside the bars you can,’ I hear a few seconds after I decide to enter the school area. Alongside the guards I also see a smiling man coming towards me. He wears a winter cap and a light down jacket. His name is Alnour Ahmad-Hassan, a resident of the school. He calms the guard down.

‘Okay, let’s get out of here. At the corner there is a café. We can sit there and talk in peace,’ Alnour suggests.

‘So this is how it is here now?’ I ask, surprised.

‘Yes, more or less. You see, they are isolating us here completely.’

fot. Andrea Linss
Entrance gate of Gerhart Hauptmann school at Ohlauer Straße, Berlin. 2 July 2014 © Andrea Linss


‘What would you like to know?’ asks Alnour several minutes later, sipping his black coffee.

‘Everything, basically.’

‘If everything, it would be good to start at the beginning.’

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Callout for Balkan support conference in Göttingen


Bundesweites Vernetzungstreffen für Supporter*innen,
Aktivist*innen, Fluchthelfer*innen und Individuen, die auf der Balkanroute Menschen auf der Flucht unterstützen oder unterstützt haben.

13.- 14. Februar 2016 // OM10 // Göttingen

Wir möchten euch Unterstützer*innen auf der Balkanroute einladen, an diesem Wochenende in Göttingen zusammenzukommen, zu erzählen, Erfahrungen auszutauschen und zu reflektieren was in den letzten Monaten passiert ist, was die Menschen auf der Flucht geschafft haben, was wir geleistet haben, wie die Politik reagiert hat, was sich verändert hat …

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Appeal for refugee community network from Konradsreuth, Bayern

german & french & russian translation below

To all Refugees in Konradsreuth and Hof Districts

For about 2 years now in Frauenhof, we refugees from Ukrain and Cheychenia have been living together as family community in Konradsreuth with the status of asylum applicant refugees. We support one another through social cultural exchange in our daily relationship.

Since then, many more refugees have been transferred here to live in the village of Konradsreuth and in other districts of Hof, therefore we think it is time to widen our network and community.

It is our belief in human dignity that motivates us to propose an active and independent platform of refugee community to advance our unity for fundamental human rights, for freedom and for the well-being of refugees. Continue reading

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Torture and other Abuses: Turkey, the War in Syria, and the Role of Germany

“Turkish political prisoner and torture victim, in Germany now, faces life in prison if he returns to Turkey, but Germany considers him a terrorist not entitled to asylum based on a Turkish conviction related to torture — torture that bars Germany from deporting him.

Turgay Ulu Statement

Turgay Ulu

On the topic of torture the nation of Turkey could teach some gruesome techniques to ISIS, the terrorist movement executing a savage reign across Syria and beyond (reportedly with Turkish government support).

That reality of brutality in Turkey – another problematic American ally – is a fact known all too well by Turgay Ulu, a Turkish journalist who endured a 15-year imprisonment in Turkey, where he was tortured. During Ulu’s long imprisonment, Turkish authorities justified his conviction on their claim that they had evidence against him –- evidence authorities obtained from two other victims of torture.

“I was tortured with electroshocks,” Ulu said during an interview earlier this year in Berlin, Germany where he is a leading figure in a movement for refugee rights. Ulu’s long imprisonment in Turkey led many, including Amnesty International, to consider him a political prisoner. Ulu was released from a Turkish prison in 2011 and he immediately fled to Europe.”

read the whole article here:

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Flughafen Tempelhof – Chronik eines Lagers für zur Flucht gezwungene Menschen

Invitation of the initiative No Lager Neukölln/Tempelhof to Social Café Meeting in Lunte here, available in English, Farsi, French, and German:

Flyer Cafe Lunte_Weisekiezini_English, Farsi, French, German


8. Woche (7. Dezember 2015 – 13. Dezember 2015)
Nachdem die Presse nach langem Ausschluss endlich Zutritt zu den Hangars des ehemaligen Tempelhofer Flughafens bekommen hat, wird die dortige Situation auch in der ARD und im ZDF thematisiert. In der Sendung vom 8. Dezember 2015 berichtet Frontal 21 über die Lager im ehemaligen Flughafen Tempelhof. ( Zwar fanden die Journalist_innen einen „Zustand, den keiner lange Aushält“ vor, doch wisse „das [.] auch der Leiter der Notunterkunft Michael Elias“. Immerhin wird ein Zusammenhang zwischen den Zuständen und der „Massenschlägerei“, die ein sehr breites mediales Echo gefunden hatte, hergestellt. Elias führt dieses Ereignis auf eine kleinere Auseinandersetzung bei der Essensausgabe zurück, woraufhin „junge Männer“ ihren Frust abgelassen hätten. Im Widerspruch zu Äußerungen von Bewohner_innen (siehe 6. Woche) verlegt Elias die Ursache in die „jungen Männer“. Die schlimmen Zustände werden in diesem Beitrag eher leise angeprangert. Elias schiebt die Schuld auf die staatlichen Behörden und die Kamera folgt verständnisvoll.

Am 10. Dezember 2015 berichtet die ARD in der 20-Uhr-Tagesschau und in einem Text auf ihrer Internetpräsenz über die Lager. ( „Ein bisschen Adventsstimmung, für mehr ist kein Platz“ – im Video ist der Ton deutlich schärfer als bei Frontal 21. Mit den Worten von Bewohner_innen wird über einen „furchtbaren Ort“ berichtet. Der wohlorganisierte Pressetermin stößt auf Skepsis:
„Zwischen den Zeltreihen in Hangar 1 liegen Matten mit Spielzeug ausgebreitet. Ein Mann vom Kinderzirkus Cabuwazi lässt kleine Jungen auf Gymnastikbällen balancieren. Ziemlich beeindruckend – doch ist das alles nur für den Pressetermin inszeniert? Wenige Tage zuvor saßen die Flüchtlinge noch beschäftigungslos in den Hangars herum.“

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FREE HIKMET!!! NO DEPORTATIONS! Donations for Legal Costs Needed!

Alle bleiben Freiheit für Hikmet Roma

Hikmet bleibt!

On October 9, 2015, our brother and friend HikmetPrizreni was arrested and he is threatened with deportation!

On that day Hikmet, accompanied by his brother Kefaet, went on an official visit to the Immigration Authority. The Clerk asked Kefaet to wait outside and secretly called the police. Hikmet was then arrested by the police on the basis of an invalid/void arrest warrant. In lightning speed, Hikmet was before the Judge and then taken to detention prison awaiting trial.

Because Hikmet’s status was ‘toleration’ (Duldung) he is now threatened with deportation to Kosovo. A country Hikmet does not know, and in which he, and as Roma, faces discrimination and violence.

Hikmet is also known to many as the artist Prince-H. He thrilled audiences with his energy and musical talent and often performed at cultural events and concerts for human rights. We know him as a creative, humorous, non-conformist who put his art in the service of living peacefully together, without discrimination or exclusion of other cultures.

We need your help! The cost of the competent lawyer are high. Hikmet needs in this situation a good legal advice and this costs money. Any help and any small amount is important! Please share this Donation call, asking friends and acquaintances. Many thanks!


Recipient/Spendenkonto: Roma Center
Account No./Kontonummer:170399, Bank No./Bankleitzahl: 26050001
Reference/ Verwendungszweck: Free HIKMET


New Article:Free Hikmet!