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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Denmark: Refugees Protest New Laws Permitting Confiscation of Their Valuables

‘Many have compared the so-called “jewellrey bill” to the confiscation of property from Jews during the Holocaust’

Refugees Protest New Laws Permitting Confiscation of Their Valuables

Source: Denmark

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Banksy’s graffiti at the French Embassy in London upon the police’s use of teargas in Calais

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Banksy’s Cosette from Les Misérables in tear gas has been painted on the French Embassy in London

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International Conference on Migration, Irregularisation and Activism: Challenging Contemporary Border Regimes, Racism and Subordination

Unser Europa hat keine Grenzen

Unser Europa hat keine Grenzen

Call for Papers

15-16 of June 2016, Malmö, Sweden

Deadline for abstracts extended to 15th of February!

In the current era of increasing securitisation of border controls and restrictive asylum and migration politics, the journey to and within the EU is a life-threatening endeavour that has taken uncountable numbers of lives over the last decades. The bordering processes are not limited to the crossing of nation-state borders but also operate in everyday lives inside and across borders. Through processes of exclusion as well as processes of subordinated and differentiated inclusion, borders permeate all aspects of the welfare state, the labour market, and everyday lives. At the same time, there are numerous struggles by migrants who in different ways contest border regimes and racialised practices of policing., These developments are taking place in a context of hyper-polarisation of political reactions. Racist and fascist discourses feed into ideas of fear and emergency, parallel with a renewed growth of humanitarian and activist responses aimed at resisting migration control and challenging these discourses. Continue reading

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the message: A three minutes guide for Europeans: how to behave with the Middle East

دليل الاوروبين للتعامل مع الشرق الاوسط، ردا على دليل اللاجئين لفهم الثقافة

here is your guide to the video

our friend mohammad abu hajar is a musician; his emcee-name is “abu hajar” and he plays drums, raps and sings in a band called “give me a paper“.

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Filmvorführung “Der Marsch” | Zwischen Migration & Rassismus, Protest & Widerstand

Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2016 – 19:30 Uhr – Narr Bar, Böckhstr. 24, Berlin-Kreuzberg (U8 Schönleinstr. )

Das Team aus RAV und NSU-Watch führen in 2016 in Berlin an diversen Donnerstagen ihre Filmreihe unter dem Titel ›Zwischen Migration & Rassismus, Protest & Widerstand‹ fort, zu deren Vorführungen wir herzlich einladen.

›Der Marsch‹ (David Wheatley, UK 1990, 93 min.)

Miners Shot Down
Continue reading

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A Union of Transnational Migrant Workers!

Trabajadores forman coalición binacional para hacer frente a abusos de trasnacionales


Migrants form Binational Coalition  to document and protest against  abuses from employers and companies in the U.S.A. and Mexico.

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Source: La Opinion.

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Watch Vivek Chibber’s Lecture: Author of Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital

Source: to Kritik, a public forum on theory, culture, and politics hosted by the Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Vivek Chibber (NYU): Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital

From Akademie der Künste der Welt

Watch Vivek Chibber here.

‘To use western theory to understand the east is problematic. It becomes part of the imperial project of the west. Cultural specificity is needed’. Also applies to questions of social  mobilisation theory and social justice.  

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First they came for the Roma: is history repeating itself for the forgotten victims of the Holocaust?

The struggle against deportation as well as discrimination and racial prejudice towards the  Roma must continue!!!!!. There is no ‘safe country’ for the Roma.  Read on…

Eviction of Roma Families in France

Eviction of Roma Families in France

By Sophie McAdam
‘Laws were passed prohibiting marriage between Roma and non-Roma, and so began a horrific campaign of hatred against them which continues to this day. For 500 years Roma were sold into slavery, and in various countries Roma women were often forcibly sterilized (in the Czech republic this happened as recently as the 1970s). Millions of Roma were deported, their language and culture was criminalised, and they were hanged or otherwise executed in countries all over Europe’.

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(Source: The Activist: Exposing the Truth one at a Time)

Madres de migrantes centroamericanos piden al Papa por sus hijos

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La caravana de madres de migrantes centroamericanos terminó su recorrido por México con un pedido por sus hijos dirigido al Papa Francisco
“Se estima que hay entre 70 a 120.000 migrantes no localizados en tránsito por México a partir del 2006, de quienes no se cuentan con datos confiables. Son los invisibles entre los invisibles sin que se determinen responsabilidades” expone.


Carvana de Madres de Migrantes

Source: La Tribuna: Carvana de Madres de Migrantes

La carta escrita con la participación de todas las madres y padres, fue dada a conocer por la activista Marta Sánchez, quién confirmó su entrega “por medio del nuncio apostólico en México”, además de hacerla pública con el fin que el mensaje cumpla su propósito.

(source: La Opinion, 20/12/2015)

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Professor launches course for Calais ‘Jungle’ camp refugees

Fence with razor wire guarding French ferry terminal

Source: istock Fence with razor wire guarding French ferry terminal

Settlers will study course on ‘life stories’ led by University of East London academic

Refugees will study for a three-day accredited course on life stories,  was taught by a small team of academics in the camp  (4-6 December). It was be led by Corinne Squire, professor of social sciences and co-director of the Centre for Narrative Research at the University of East London.

For a fuller description of the project please click here