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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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LOOKA HERE! Magazine, Edition No. 11 (digital version) out now!

looka here cover
(to read the magazine as a PDF, please click on the cover)

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Ferries Not Frontex



Manifestation against FRONTEX, Fortress Europe and Borders! FERRIES NOT FRONTEX – 23th February 5 pm in front of BCC Berlin

In 2015, more than 1.000.000 people actively fought against Fortress Europe by crossing the EU external borders. In reaction to that, the EU and its border agency Frontex increased their efforts to criminalize refugees and supporters and thus to impede the freedom of movement. The European Police Congress is one of the venues, where the upgrading of Fortress Europe will be discussed and developed. On February 23rd, Fabrice Leggeri, executive director of Frontex, is going to speak at this congress. We want to use his visit as an opportunity to protest against aggressive and inhumane policies, which the EU imposes on migrants at the external borders. Come to our manifestation and raise your voice against FRONTEX, Fortress Europe and borders!
The European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders was created in 2005. After the suspension of the physical Schengen borders, Frontex is now in charge of strengthening the surveillance and control of the EU external borders. The agency is operating as the headbody of the EU surveillance network EUROSUR, coordinating the surveillance systems of the member states. Satellites, drones and other military technologies are used to control the ‘pre-frontier area’. This ‘objective’ also requires enhanced cooperation with countries like Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey and even West African countries. To ‘prevent’ the departure of migrants, Frontex is currently operating in Mali and Niger to create ‘multi-purpose-centers’ against unwanted migration towards European borders.
All European measures of ‘border protection’ have the same intention: More deterrence, higher fences and greater control. Still, Frontex and the military operation EUNAVFOR MED against ‘smugglers’ near Libyan territorial waters, launched in June, were unable to prevent about 150.000 migrants from succeeding to arrive in Italy during 2015. Not only during the previous ‘summer of migration’, millions of refugees demonstrated that borders can’t stop people on the move, but the lack of legal access routes causes their journey to be dangerous and often fatal. More than 3700 men, women and children died in 2015 in the Mediterranean Sea; making it the deadliest border zone of the entire world. In the year 2016 the Mediterranean continues to be a fatal route to Europe: According to the UNHCR the number of people dead or missing already amounts to 403.

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Denmark: Refugees Protest New Laws Permitting Confiscation of Their Valuables

‘Many have compared the so-called “jewellrey bill” to the confiscation of property from Jews during the Holocaust’

Refugees Protest New Laws Permitting Confiscation of Their Valuables

Source: Denmark

For more details please click here

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The self-organized refugee squat Orfanotrofeio in Thessaloniki

Credit: Črna luknja

Credit: A-Radio Berlin *English, * German, * Spanish translation

The following audio is a recording made by activists of the self-organized refugee squat Orfanotrofeio in Thessaloniki, Greece. This material has been made available to us by our comrades at Črna Luknja, the anarchist radio show at Radio Študent in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Continue reading

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Callout for Balkan support conference in Göttingen


Bundesweites Vernetzungstreffen für Supporter*innen,
Aktivist*innen, Fluchthelfer*innen und Individuen, die auf der Balkanroute Menschen auf der Flucht unterstützen oder unterstützt haben.

13.- 14. Februar 2016 // OM10 // Göttingen

Wir möchten euch Unterstützer*innen auf der Balkanroute einladen, an diesem Wochenende in Göttingen zusammenzukommen, zu erzählen, Erfahrungen auszutauschen und zu reflektieren was in den letzten Monaten passiert ist, was die Menschen auf der Flucht geschafft haben, was wir geleistet haben, wie die Politik reagiert hat, was sich verändert hat …

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Solidarität mit dem kurdischen Freiheitskampf!

kurdische Freiheitsbewegung

Kurdische Freiheitsbewegung

english below

Solidarität mit dem kurdischen Freiheitskampf!

Die kurdische Freiheitsbewegung hat seit 2013 einen ernsthaften Friedensdialog mit dem türkischen Staat begonnen. Direkte Gespräche zwischen Abdullah Öcalan und hohen türkischen Staatsvertreter_innen, einseitige Waffenstillstände der Guerilla, der Aufbau basisdemokratischer Selbstverwaltungsstrukturen in der Osttürkei und die parlamentarische Demokratieoffensive der HDP waren die wichtigsten Maßnahmen für eine Lösung der Demokratiedefizite der Türkei. Seit einem halben Jahr reagiert der türkische Staat darauf ganz offen mit Krieg. Seitdem wurden tausende politische Aktivist_innen verhaftet, die Pressefreiheit massiv eingeschränkt, über 50 Ausgangssperren in kurdischen Städten verhängt und ca. 300 Zivilist_innen von türkischen „Sicherheitskräften“ ermordet. Continue reading

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Invitation: What no one talks about – Refugees from Sudan

When? 11. 02. | 19:00 – 21:00

Where? Regenbogenfabrik | Lausitzer Straße 22, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

german translation below

During the second Sudanese civil war that went on for 22 years, Omar al-Bashir assumed power in 1989. Al-Bashir is the first and only officiating president worldwide who is wanted for genocide, war crime and crimes against humanity. Unimpeded by the UNAMID stationed in Darfur, the regime committed numerous human rights violations, such as expulsions of whole villages, aimed destructions of livelihoods, arbitrary torture, execution, abuse and mass rape in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile. Continue reading

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Banksy’s graffiti at the French Embassy in London upon the police’s use of teargas in Calais

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Banksy’s Cosette from Les Misérables in tear gas has been painted on the French Embassy in London

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Crowdfunding for International Refugee Conference

Crowdfunding for International Conference of Refugees & Migrants 26. – 28.2.2016, Hamburg/Germany, Kampnagel

Initiator Lampedusa in Hamburg