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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Demo against Asylum Law Package II on Feb 16th

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Gegen Asylrechtsverschärfungen!

No to even tighter laws! Yes to solidarity! Photo: Yusuf Beyazit

16th February 2016 at 6pm
start at LaGeSo (Turmstraße 21, 10559 Berlin) to Bundestag

In the next days the parliament will vote on a new law. This racist law is directed aggressively against refugees.

They Asylum Package II includes:
• “Special reception camps” for people from “secure” countries of origin, or people who are accused to have destroyed their documents, will be opened. In these camps the asylum procedure should be completed in three weeks with the aim to deport people faster.
• People coming from a country where there is war and who have the status of ‘Subsidiary Protection’ shall not be allowed to bring their family from abroad during the first two years of their stay.
• Deportations of people who are sick will be easier. Illnesses that people had already before they came to Germany will not be an obstacle to deportations anymore.
• Algeria, Tunesia and Marokko shall be declared as secure countries of origin in order to deport people more easily.

This Asylum Package II is an act of isolationist politics and division!
Let us not be played off against each other! Let’s get on the streets and be loud against these racist laws, against the violence of camp security and against the Lagers!

For the right to stay and the right to family for everyone!

Solidarity is: resistance!!

supporting groups:

African Refugees Union – International Women Space – Union des Refugiés Berlin Brandenbourg – alle bleiben! – Medibüro Berlin – Moabit hilft! – Weise-Kiez-Initiative – Bündnis für bedingungsloses Bleiberecht – Bündnis gegen Rassismus – My Right Is Your Right – Lager Mobilisation Group – Hände weg vom Wedding – AK Geflüchtete der Naturfreunde Jugend – Wem gehört Kreuzberg – Antifa Friedrichshain


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Filmvorführung “Der Marsch” | Zwischen Migration & Rassismus, Protest & Widerstand

Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2016 – 19:30 Uhr – Narr Bar, Böckhstr. 24, Berlin-Kreuzberg (U8 Schönleinstr. )

Das Team aus RAV und NSU-Watch führen in 2016 in Berlin an diversen Donnerstagen ihre Filmreihe unter dem Titel ›Zwischen Migration & Rassismus, Protest & Widerstand‹ fort, zu deren Vorführungen wir herzlich einladen.

›Der Marsch‹ (David Wheatley, UK 1990, 93 min.)

Miners Shot Down
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We are born free! Reflection and empowerment hour

Workshop by Bino Byansi Byakuleka, Sharon Otoo & Florian Fischer

Friday, December 4th 2015, 17:00 – 21:00

Venue: w_orten & meer, Hasenheide 73, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg (U7 Südstern)

We are born free Bino Byansi Byakuleka

Reflection and empowerment hour

If you are involved in any kind of refugee (self-) organization, supporter structures or charity organizations we would like to invite you to our empowerment workshop.

There is a lot to be done and the current situation of refugees in Germany and Europe requires us to rethink political strategies and use the power we have appropriately.
The current wave of welcoming culture is very important in order to show alternatives to the racist hatred that is getting stronger each day. At the same time this wave comes exactly at the time when our refugee movement has become very weak to almost not-existing anymore. The so-called civil society chooses to be in the helping position instead of supporting self organized refugee resistance. This is a step back, it puts us back to being the helped supposedly passive object while the helpers are becoming a new lobby. Continue reading

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Opening of the exhibition “We will Rise”

On 7 August the exhibition and archive “WE WILL RISE” Has started in the “FHXB Museum”, Afterwards we walked through kreuzberg and visited Oranienplatz and Continue reading

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6.7 – Cultural evening, Political discussion and party by ARU


African refugees union

Cultural evening with drum performance, solidarity barbecue, T-shirts and more
Political discussion and party

Dear friends and enemies, we invite you to our evening due to take place on the above mentioned date at Jockel Garten, Ratiborstr. The evening is designed for refugee existing groups and other solidarity groups based in Berlin and Brandenburg. All invited groups and Individuals will have a platform to introduce themselves and exchange ideas. We want to have an open discussion on the refugee struggle and possible actions against the new asylum laws. How can we make the movement more visible and strong again after the eviction of Oranienplatz camp and school. We want to plan the program for the day and therefore we request you to send us your topics to discuss.

Please! For more information contact: for English speakers, or for German speakers.

Date & time: 6th of August 2015, 4.30 p.m
Location: Jockel Biergarten, Ratiborstraße 14C, 10999 Berlin, Bus M29, Station Glogauerstr.⇓

Program one outside- Jockel Biergarden:

  • 16:30 Arriving
  • 17:00 welcoming word from ARU and solidaridance present
  • 17:15 Drum performance
  • 17:30 Introductions from the invited groups
  • 18:00 Round table discussions
  • 19:00 Break
  • 19:15 Presentations from the round table discussions.
  • 20:15 Time to talk and chill

Program two inside- Jockel hall:

  • 22:00 A live concert: performed by Bahati
  • 11:00 Music and dance

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Fatou Diome: Migration to Europe as Freedom and Emancipation! Reading & Discussion

Date   15.07.2015, 18:00 – 21:00

Location  Oranienplatz, 10999 Berlin

„Migration is not only about poor, exploited people. It also includes people who leave to emacipate themselves, who leave in the name of liberty – and for a number of other reasons.“ Fatou Diome

The great Senegalese writer Fatou Diome will reflect upon flight and migration from her own, literary, and articulate perspective. She will read from her work and at the same time open a space for reflection and discussion. In light of current incidents and the catastrophic way the rising number of deaths in the mediterranean sea have been dealt with, she will discuss ways of understanding migration as freedom and emacipation, offer ideas of what this means for the discussion on the refugee question and how we can work together to make an emancipated and free mobility for all reality. Continue reading

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Tonight reading with Bino aka Patras, Turgay Ulu and Lydia Ziemke

Bino and Lydia will read from the book My name is Bino Byansi Byakule! Turgay and friends will present the Movement magazine. Join us for the first part of the movement readings tonight 8PM Kottbusser Tor to the right of Cafe Kotti up on the Gallery! And have a good time.


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From Boé to Berlin workshop, guided tour, screening and discussion

Sunday, May 31

3 pm contribution to the workshop Mobility, 12 – 6 pm at Arsenal
Cinema (Potsdamerstr. 2)
7 pm critical guided tour to Oranienplatz departs from Arsenal Cinema
9 pm screening at Prinzessinnengarten
(Prinzessinnenstr. 15, am Moritzplatz)

In 2014 a mobile cinema traveled through Guinea-Bissau screening
recently digitised footage from a Guinean film archive, revolving
around African Liberation Movements in the 60s and 70s. This itinerant
cinema experiment continues in Berlin with the participation of
international filmmakers, artists and refugee activists, bringing
together historical and contemporary images, gestures and accounts of
solidarity, politics of mobility and the never accomplished struggle
for self-determination.
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Manifesto by Patras Bwansi alias Bino Byansi Byakuleka

manifesto of Bino Byansi Byakulekaantidiscrimination logo by Manifesto by Patras Bwansi alias Bino Byansi ByakulekaA manifesto by  Bino Byansi Byakuleka on how to to face fear and racism in todays capitalist world as well as historic reason for why there is the African Refugees Union in Berlin.