News of Berlin Refugee Movement – from inside

Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

come and protest!


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Saturday, 12:00 PM

From Oranienplatz to the Ohlauer School

Enough is enough! We are angry!

The politics of Berlin’s Senate are cynical! While Merkel is talking about the costs of residences at the chancelor’s office on 23.10.2014, in Berlin 100 people are being thrown out into the street. Forcefully evicted without warning! All of these people were part of the Oranienplatz agreement. The senate is breaking its word again, and politicians are repeating their police violence. This is all happening at a time when winter is approaching and during “Mos Maiorum”, where thousands of police officers are seeking refugees. At the end of October, the occupied Gerhart-Hauptmann School on Ohlauerstr. Is to be forcefully evicted again. The previous attempt to evict the school in June/July 2014, failed in spite of a 10 day stand off with the police. No one is going to disappear into thin air. You can’t evict a movement. The politics of lies and intimidation carried out by the senate and district is not working. We are not going to leave the school, we are going to continue to fight for our rights. We have begun work on many projects: a press, a café, a bicycle repair workshop, the international women’s space, music, theater, etc. Our neighbors stand by us.

It is time for Berlin to open up! We want to live in the city, not on the fringes in Lagers. Container villages run by private companies that profit from miserable living conditions for refugees are not the solution. They are inhumane! The torture and abuse of refugees in such residencies, such as those, which recently came to light in NRW, are not individual incidences!


The solidarity and conviction of our movement is huge!

We say, we stay!

End Lager system and Residenzpflicht!

Stop Deportation!

Access to Education!

Freedom of Movement for all!

My right is your right!

After our demonstration we will go collectively to Brandenburg Gate at 14:00 to the Demonstration: “10 years Frontex: Not a reason for celebration”


Samstag, 12 Uhr

vom Oranienplatz zur Schule in der Ohlauer

Es reicht! Genug ist genug! Wir sind wütend.

Der Berliner Senat ist zynisch! Während im Kanzleramt mit Frau Merkel am 23.10.2014 über Kosten für Unterkünfte gesprochen wird, werden in Berlin fast 100 Menschen auf die Straße gesetzt. Zwangsgeräumt ohne Ankündigung! Alle waren Teil des Abkommens vom Oranienplatz. Der Senat wiederholt seinen Wortbruch und die Politik der Polizeigewalt. Alles passiert zu einem Zeitpunkt, wo der Winter naht und EU-weit unter dem Titel „Mos Maiorum“ mit tausenden von Polizisten nach Refugees gefahndet wird.

Ende Oktober soll auch noch die besetzte Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule in der Ohlauerstraße erneut geräumt werden. Im Juni/Juli 2014 ist die Räumung trotz 10 Tage Belagerung durch die Polizei gescheitert. Niemand löst sich in Luft auf. Eine Bewegung lässt sich nicht räumen. Die Politik des Wortbruchs und der Abschreckung von Senat und Bezirk funktioniert nicht. Wir werden die Schule nicht verlassen, wir werden weiter um unsere Rechte kämpfen. Wir haben viele Projekte begonnen, von einer Druckerei, einem Café, einer Fahrradwerkstatt über den International Women Space bis zu Theater und Musik. Unsere NachbarInnen stehen an unserer Seite.

Berlin muss sich endlich öffnen! Wir wollen in der Stadt leben, nicht außerhalb in Lagern. Containerdörfer mit Betreiberfirmen, die durch schlechte Lebensbedingungen für Refugees viel Geld verdienen sind keine Lösungen. Sie sind Menschenunwürdig! Die bekannt gewordenen Misshandlungen und Folter in Unterkünften, zuletzt in NRW sind keine Einzelfälle.

Alle haben das Recht auf ein menschenwürdiges Leben und auf eine Perspektive.

Die Solidarität und Entschlossenheit unserer Bewegung ist riesig!

We say, we stay!

Residenzpflicht und Lager abschaffen!

Abschiebungen stoppen!

Zugang zu Arbeit und Bildung!

Bewegungsfreiheit für alle Menschen!

My right is your right!

Nach unserer Demonstration gehen wir gemeinsam zu 14 Uhr zur Kundgebung am Brandenburger Tor: „10 Jahre FRONTEX – Kein Grund zum Feiern!“

9 thoughts on “come and protest!

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  2. is there any event in Frankfurt?

    • Hi mahmoud, sorry for rhe late reply! I haven’t heard of any rally in frankfurt ….. Best wishes Max

  3. I seriously think that ur language and expressions are not appropriate.
    You will not gain the solidarity and sympathy of a bigger part of the population of Berlin(which in the end has to finance your different projects and the welfare of refugees) in insinuating that provided containers have anything in common with “Lagers” of the Nazi-times!.
    And believe me…even Berliners want to live within the “S-Bahn-Ring” but cannot afford it…so..WHAT in heaven´s sake gives you the right to ask for this privilege for refugees? If you continue to push like that…am afraid that the people of Berlin will loose their patience and willingness to help! So be aware of the risk!

    In the end I do hope that you also publish critical comments and that you dont impose censorship..otherwise you wont be able to really start a dialogue!

    • Why should refugees be less priviledged than other people living in Berlin? And of course we’re fighting for everyones right to affordable housing in Berlin. Refugees are suffering under the same high prices as everyone else here.

    • Thxs for ur reply!
      Did i say that refugees should be LESS privileged? You can NOT read that in my comment!
      But looking at the text further up ” We want to live in the city, not on the fringes in Lagers” gives the impression that its out of discussion that even a single refugee should live outside the S-Bahn-Ring in some sort of “concentation camp”.. Furthermore: the proposed locations of the containers belong to districts which are parts of berlin also and not out in the countryside where no public transport could be provided!
      I guess, you know pretty well that affordable housing is at present a hot topic in Berlin…and i assume that people trying desperately since longer to find an affordable flat wont have any sympathy for your provocative demands.

      But its nice to read that you are fighting for affordable housing for everyone in Berlin. Am new to this website…could you give me a hint where to find that in ur published docs/archives?

  4. Why should refugees be less priviledged than other people living in Berlin?

    Because they haven’t yet made a contribution to this or any other city. Certainly I object having my tax spent on financing your/their protests when Berlin has other urgent issues which I consider much more important – better schooling to start with, affordable housing for residents who have made contributions over many years. Why are you/they protesting in Berlin anyway? These are European laws which can only be changed in Brussels. I would guess that Berliners are pretty tired of the constant demonstrations and the refugees are losing sympathy because the cost the city a heap of money which could be more usefully invested elsewhere.

  5. Warum sind Containerdörfer keine Lösung? Schon mal welche gesehen? Wann kommt die Demo von in Containerdörfern lebenden Studenten? Solche Argumentationen und Aktionen sind mehr als kontraproduktiv und tragen nichts, aber auch gar nichts zur Lösung des Problems bei!

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