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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!




Die Mobilisierung zur Europaïsche Freiheit Protestmarch ist begonnen !

Webblog vom Europäischen Migrant-inn-en Netzwerk:

Vor einigen Monaten haben internationale Geflüchteten und Papierlosen Bewegungen angefangen einen Protestmarsch / Karawane nach Brüssel vorzubereiten. Am 18.12. ist bereits ein internationaler dezentraler Aktionstag aus diesem Netzwerk heraus organisiert worden. Jeder Sonntag um 15 Uhr findet den Berlin-O’platz Vorbereitungstreffe statt, im Raum neben Kaffekotti, am Kottbusser Tor, U8/U1. Wir brauchen immer mehr Unterstützung auf diesem Projekt, schlissen-Sie uns an !

Kontaktieren-Sie uns !

Aufruf für die March unten.

Sie koennen unsere Flyers herunterladen und kopieren (hier auf Französisch und Englisch, bald andere Sprache): march-small-flyerA5-COPY

Hier das Aufruf, zusammen mit dem Europaïsche Flüchtlings-und Migrantinnen Netzwerk in Rom geschrieben (FR, ENGL):AppelCaravane2014-1-1call caravan_engl


Meeting on the 14th of December in New York Bethaanien at 3pm

The oranienplatz refugee movement, together with an international network of sans papiers and refugees, initiated since 2 months a European network to build a great march to Brussels.

Today, we are calling for solidarity to organize the resistance in may 2014 : all groups who feel politically concerned by the abolishment of the minimum score in the EU parliament that will let extreme right parties enter the EU assembly, by Frontex and Dublin II, by the racist and excluding policy of the EU and the rise of fascist forces throughout Europe !

Because it is our right to have an influence on the European Parliament elections, which will take decisions that affect our lives.  In this world of neoliberalism and racism, we should at least have laws that appeal to every human being. We can not allow the system to ignore human rights seeking their own benefits. People are dying at the borders, that are controlled by a machinery financed by the European Union called Frontex, to protect the nobility of Europe instead of taking the humanitarian and moral responsibility.

The EU is not only evading that responsibility, but also denying the ongoing colonial exploitation, the trade of arms and war initiation. They are destroying other countries on one hand, and don’t accept asylum cases which are the result of this destruction. Not only that, they also carry out deportations, without considering any consequence on people’s lives. They practice repression and create anxiety using the excuse of terrorism.

Implementing a jurisdical structure to criminalize migrants and minorities, the system legitimizes and supports the right-wing parties and groups’ ideology. According to that, racism reaches an institutional level, which influences the conception of society of many people. This means that the oppression of minorities is and will be rising.

It is our right to march to Brussels and for this we are inviting you for a meeting

saturday the 14th of December
at 3pm in New York, Bethaanien am Marianenplatz.



see the full picture here

Refugee uprising Spring 2014


Let’s get connected!

The Transnational Tour

from Oranienplaz/Berlin has started on June 26, 2013

a diary

Saturday 13.July,  Bruxelles, Berlin

The Transnational Tour 2013 has just arrived back in Berlin Oranienplatz in the last night, coming from Bruxelles, Belgium!
Napuli and Ashraf did the whole tour with nearly no really obstacles, they where really lucky! germany, austria, italy, france, crossing switzerland, anothertime france, belgium, crossing shortly netherlands, back in germany.

At wednesday the 10th of july veit joined the tour in bruxelles, on this day and on the 11th we have talked to belgium activists and refugees and visited a big old building, squatted by refugees since years.
The situation of refugees in belgium is dominated by a system of changing and intransparent laws, even lawyers don’t know exactly about it. Therefore there where a lot of hungerstrikes since the late 90s to get individualy papers, sometimes in squatted churches, sometimes just little groups in lagers, without any support and even not known by the media. In the past they often succeeded, now the gouvernment mostly refuses the demands, some people already died.
Regularly but unregistered demonstrations, growing by the numbers of participants every week took part in the past, but even this actions could not change the system. Sometimes but irregularly, last time in 2009, before in 1999, there are regularization, people without papers could get papers under certain conditions.

Very well known is the sad case of 20 years old Semira Adamu from nigeria, she died or better: was killed, has been suffocated with a pillow by policemen during her deportation in 22.September 1998. Every year at that date there is a memorial day.  More informations:

On Thursday 11th we visited a big old house near metro station Botanique, next to a church, owned by the church, squatted by refugees more than three years ago, called “Gesus”.

DSCN0363 DSCN0367 DSCN0369-copy DSCN0380-copy2

We have talked to two activists and inhabitants in the building, about 200 persons are living here, 70 children! From slovakia, bulgaria, north-afrika, other parts of africa and others.
Some people are here only for a short time, others for longer. Most of them are outside during the day, working, children are looking for bottles. They get very little support by an organisation, only some times food, some clothing.

During this two days we have discussed with all people the possibilities of europe-wide actions, decentralized at the same day or central in bruxelles. There was a big support for ideas like that!

No Border! No Nation!

Best regards,
Napuli, Ashraf, Veit

July 6th 2013            Barbes
Today in Barbes we did the info point, in front of the big market and spread the flyers because French Police were doing racist actions in this district. After that we went to the demonstration which was organized by a different group and not the one who organized in Barbes. They were demonstrating in front of the house of the Ministery of Internal Affairs,  saying that they are tired of hanging around without papers. They were most demanding the papers.DSCN0220 I also met Sudanese refugees who want to be supported by anything that  one can do, so I connected them with the other group from Guantanamo and they will have a meeting.
We discussed on the call for uprising in 2014 –  it was very pleasant and they said we can use the same email adress ( to get connected.
July 5th 2013                               Saint Denis District, Paris
There are more than 100  refugees who were chased  out from the building which is called Guantanamo. And now they call the public place where the refugees are right now Guantanamo too. DSCN0205

DSCN0208They are also struggling for their right to get a place to stay, legal documents and a work permit.  At the moment they are sleeping outside and are eating from what they collect from the markets, and keep demanding the documents. DSCN0201

DSCN0203But tonight they will occupy the building  in St.Denis District. Tomorrow we will make an action on what was going on 3 weeks ago with the French police – that they blocked the whole district and checked every body and caught more that 100 people.

So the refugees here do agree to make actions together as international actions in the coming year 2014 in Brussels. We discussed a lot on the common gaols –  so they added the “stop deportation!” as a new demand. 

No border – no nation – stop deportation!!

July 4 2013

yesterday on 3-7-2013 in Rome/Italy there were 50 Eritrians refugees who came from Lybia were released by Italians police-control and been told that they can go where they want to go. In this way those refugees who will come through Italy will be save while the finger- print will not work any more or any longer in……….
we are now in Paris –  we got to Paris today 4-7-2013 by train and we passed 2 borders, of-course you know about the dificulties. DSCN0193No border, No Nation,  Stop Deportation! tomorrow we are going to meet the refugees protest in Paris centre (Guantanamo) . Now our idea is to come together with common goals and to go with all countries together as “Refugees United” to Belgium to protest right there before the election in 2014 in front of EU Office.

looking forward to see tomorrow
Transnational tour

July 1, 2013

Today 1-7-2013  we met with the Refugees in Rome in a place called Romania/Via Arriga Cavalieri. The buliding is ocuppied.DSCN0136

DSCN0155We discussed a lot with them. Their problem is that they have no rights at all in everything, they  just have the document and that is it. No place to sleep, no food, no work, no nothing. The  Caritas gives some refugees food and a place to sleep but they open their place only at night from 8 pm to 6 am. They say that they are not politicians but I came to realize that the politics from originaly come from the religion and after that the people who feels powerful they support the religion from the nation and instead of the book they used the constitution. When you look properly you get that every thing we use, wether the constitution, human rights organization, wether from  Bible, Koroan or others they are all picked from the book. And before we had no borders when the Europian countries came and discussed an  agreement which devided our people. They then came with the idea of having passports to go to other countries – but themselves as Europe not included. Which is criminal, you can not control others  – this is stupidity.

So the refugees in Italy  asked me about what should we do? The first thing they are demanding is the finger-prints and deportation to be abolished. Which means we all have common goals – like with the refugees in Vienna.

We will work together as a team for the coming election of EU in 2014

June 30, 2013

Today we have reached  Rome. Before Rome in the train I was praying so that Policemen will not get us –  God answered my prayer though they were sitting together with us. You can see the photo:DSCN0107

Now I am with Refugees spleeping together.
No border, No nation, stop deportation!
get from me tomorrow – see you
June 29, 2013
3Press conference
Today on 29 -6-2013 we enter Italy with difficulties –  the first with the driver. He told us that he has to check our passports  before we get in the car because they were told by the government that the drivers have to check,  otherwise they will be in trouble. But luckily we were with a person who was dropping us to the very car, and he said  to the driver: ” I am a professor and  these are my guests!” Then he  said it is ok.
Lastly we passed and when we reached the border the car before us was checked.  So again we  pass them.  I hope every thing will work well. No border, no Nation, Stop deportation!
We reached Florence city in Italy and  there we faced the Refugees who are sleeping on the street. DSCN0098
They have nothing they were saying, they need help by us to make it work- maybe with our experience.
Tomorrow we are going to Rome city.
June 28, 2013
Hello everybody,
we had a great discussions today as well as with the group of activists from Barcelona  who are working on “stop deportation!” in the University of Development Studies. They want to know the experiences of how we came to this level (strong refugees movement in Germany) and what are our demands and  this transnational tour as well. They were very happy to have us in Vienna to exchange the ideas. Lastly we had the meeting with the refugees and the supporters of the protest camp Vienna. The discussion was to prepare the press -conference tomorrow and how to be connected so as to continue our protest till our demands are met.
All the best
 June 27, 2013

Hello everybody,

the transnational tour from Oranienplaz/Berlin has started yesterday 26-6-2013 to Vienna.
Here as the first stop for now we reached well (no border! no Nation! stop deportation!).
In Vienna (today  june 27) we will have discussion in the University of Development Studies with various people from other countries.

Tomorrow on june 28 we will have discussions with refugees who are now protesting in Vienna.
all the best to Oranienplatz/Berlin

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