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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Video: Emergency shelter in Wiesenstraße throws out Syrian refugee woman at night


Klick HERE for the Press Release which was published few days ago.

Watch the video:

International Women Space got to know Viviana when she was still living the emergency shelter (Lager) at the Wiesenstraße, in Wedding, Berlin. On te 29th of January we went to the Notunterkunft to have a coffee with Viviana and see how she was. The moment we met, Viviana was already showing signs of stress. No wonder, she was one of the few women living in a shared space of a former Basketball Hall with 200 men having only her bed as a place of her own.

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Video: Sicherheitskontrollen für Non-Citizens im Sozialamt in Chemnitz



Deutsch: Unsere Video-Reportage über die Sicherheitskontrollen in Chemnitz (Sachsen), die die Non-Citizens durchlaufen müssen.

English: Our video report about security checkpoint in Chemnitz (Saxony) which Non-citizens have to pass through it.
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Pressemitteilung: Syrische Frau wurde aus Notunterkunft in Berlin hinausgeworfen, weil sie ihre Menschrechte einforderte



English Version Below / versión española abajo

Syrian woman expelled from Berlin refugee camp for defending human rights

Mujer siria expulsada de un campamento para refugiados en Berlín por exigir derechos


Syrische Frau wurde aus Notunterkunft in Berlin hinausgeworfen, weil sie ihre Menschrechte einforderte

Vivian ist eine junge Frau aus Syrien. Sie ist vor dem Bürgerkrieg, der in ihrem Land tobt, und vor den Folgen, wie Arbeitslosigkeit, Hunger und sozialem Chaos geflohen. Alleine ist sie die Route aus dem Mittleren Osten nach Deutschland angetreten. Jedoch ist ihre Geschichte in Deutschland nicht von Zuflucht sondern (symbolischer) Gewalt, Erniedrigung, Frauenfeindlichkeit und Missbrauch geprägt. Die folgenden Ereignisse sind ihre Beschreibungen.

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Due to “international day against violence against women” a discussion event event will take place on 23rd of Nov. at 2pm in 

PallasT, Pallasstr. 35, 10781 Berlin (corner Potsdamer Strasse).
Connection with public transport: U1 Kurfürstenstr, U2 Bülowstr, U7 Kleistpark, Bus 106, 187, 204 or M85 and M48 stop at Goebenstr.
As well planned:
DEMONSTRATION on Tuesday, 25th of Nov. at 4.30pm at Hermannplatz
– Don`t forget your flashlights!! –
The 25th of Nov. as international day against violence against women is based on the killing the three sisters Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa Mirabel in Dominican Republic. As partisans of a movement they were fighting against the dictatorship of Trujillo. For this fight they were paying with their lives. They were killed on a 25th of Nov. in the year 1960 by Trujillistas. Also the killing of Sakine, Fidan and Leyla on 9th of Jan, 2013 is showing that female partisans are still targets of extralegal executions.
Despite of international interventions the 26 year old Reynah Jabbari has been executed in October this year after years in in a death row, all because of killing her rapist, who has been a member of the secret service.
At least every third woman effected by violence
This year we like to attack the whole bandwith of women repressions, precisely warlike, violence against women on the run and in migration, domestic violence and violence in each social context against women.