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Demo Feb. 8th: Stop the Genozide in Darfur!

image1Liebe Freunde,
wegen der anhaltenden Massakern , ethnischen Säuberung , Verbrennung der Dörfer in Darfur von der Regierungstruppen und deren Verbündeten Janjaweed Milizen, demonstrieren wir.

Wo:- vor der Botschaft des Sudans.
Adresse :-Botschaft der Republik Sudan
Kurfürstendamm  str 151 , Berlin

Wann:- 08.02.2016, 13:00 Uhr

Dear friends,

because of the continuing massacres, ethnic cleansing and burning of villages in Darfur by government’s troups and their allied Janjaweed militia, we are going to protest:

Where: In front of the Sudanese Embassy
Adresse: Botschaft der Republik Sudan
Kurfürstendamm  str 151 , Berlin

When: Feb. 8th 2016, 1pm


اصدقاءنا الأعزاء
نسبة للأحداث الاخيرة في غربي السودان دارفور ومواصلة حكومة مجرم الحرب المطلوب دوليا عمر البشير ومليشيات الجنجويد التي مازالت تقتل المواطنيين العزل في دارفور وتضامنا مع أهالي مدينة الجنينة  ندعوكم للمشاركة معنا في التظاهر لوقف الإبادة الجماعية التي يمارسها النظام الحاكم في السودان وذلك في يوم ٨ من شهر فبراير الواحدة ظهرا
المكان امام سفارة السودان ببرلين

Botschaft der Republik Sudan
Kurfürstendamm  str 151 , Berlin

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Report of Sudanese refugee’s action in Sudanese embassy in Berlin

Protest Sudanese Embassy Berlin

Sudanese refugee’s action in Sudanese embassy in Berlin

We are eleven refugee-activists from Berlin-Oranienplatz and Hannover-Weissekreuzplatz. On November 19th 2015 we entered the Sudanese embassy in Berlin at 12pm to protest inside and to talk to the embassador about the situation in Sudan. The Sudanese embassador refused to talk to us and the staff called the police. We went to the window, opened it and held our banner against Omar Al-Bshir outside for everyone to see „murderer, assasinator, leave!“. Inside the embassy we didn’t break anything or hurt anyone. We just came to talk peacefully to the embassador. When the police came they told us that they would lead us to the Sudandese embassador, but instead they led us outside and closed the door. So we continued our protest outside near the entrance of the embassy. We spontaneously registered a rally for three hours. We handed out flyers to passer-bys and shouted our demands: „Al-Bshir to ICC!“, „Stop the war in Sudan!“ „Yes for peace, no for war!“. The police took down our personal data. At around 3 pm we finished our protest and left. But we will continue our fight for a free and democratic Sudan!

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Declaration of refugee activists about the occupation of the Sudanese Embassy on November 19th 2015 in Berlin

sudanese embassy berlinWe are Sudanese refugees and activists who have today decided to occupy our Sudanese embassy in Berlin. This is peaceful, direct political action.

We are taking a stand against the Sudanese regime.

The Sudanese dictator, Omar Hassan al-Bshir, rose to power in 1989 in a bloody military coup. He is a war criminal who has been summoned to the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide in Darfur, Blue Nile and the Nuba Mountains.

Al-Bshir leads an Islamic regime in Sudan that instigated the longest war ever waged in Africa. Al-Bshir persecuted the South Sudanese in the name of religion. As a result of this war, Sudan has now been split into two countries.

Although the war has ended, crimes against political activists are ongoing. The Sudanese people are still being unlawfully detained, tortured and murdered.

On 29th September 2015, the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva stated that the Sudanese regime is still guilty of human rights abuses, such as detainment without charge, torture and even the murder of demonstrators in September 2013.

As Sudanese activists in Germany, we make these demands to Sudan, to Germany, and to the International Criminal Court:

  1. Extradite al-Bshir and the high officials of the Sudanese regime to the International Criminal court – so that they may stand trial for war crimes and genocide.

  2. Germany must break its commercial ties with, and economic support for, Sudan. This support funds genocidal action.

  3. The German authorities must grant asylum to all Sudanese refugees in Germany.

  4. Close down the Sudanese embassy in Berlin, because it does not support the rights and needs of the Sudanese people.

These demands are made with a vision for a peaceful, safe and democratic Sudan.

With a peaceful Sudan, we will no longer need to be standing here as refugees.

Protest sudanese embassy berlin

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