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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Donations needed by January 6th!!!!

Fulfilling Sista Mimi’s last wish to be buried in Kenya was of great symbolic and political importance. What matters even more, is to continue her support for her daughter’s education! Let’s make sure we can soon tell the family in Kenya that the funding of the daughter’s education will continue. Mimi’s daughter wants to start her last grade of secondary education in January 2015 and go on to university in 2016.

Please show your support and solidarity with a donation here:

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Racism is Becoming Normal in Germany

There is a new racist movement on the streets of Germany. These people who call themselves Pegida (patriotic Europeans), gathered ten thousand people to the march hold in Dresden. Now they do these demonstrations every Monday and start in other cities as well. The racist movement included a very small amount of people until today, but now the number increased to ten thousands.
The starting point of this racist movement is Islamphobia. They say “We do not want the Islamisation of Europe”. They legitimized themselves through demonstrations against ISIS. Football team fans massively participated in these demos. Now there is also participation from different groups in society.

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Update on the successful crowdfunding campaign for Sista Mimi. Still, the support will be continued!
“Thank you for contributing! Together, we fulfilled Sista Mimi’s last wish! The funeral parlour will be paid tomorrow (December 29). The flight to Nairobi will take place on January, 1st or 2nd. Mimi’s relatives in Kenya are very moved that her community in Berlin made this possible. They were also happy to learn that a Berlin friend of Mimi will accompany her on her last journey and attend the funeral as a representative of her Berlin community.Next Goals
Mimi always provided as much support as she could to her daughter in Kenya. She will start the last grade of secondary education in January 2015 and wants to pursue university education. Let us continue Mimi’s support for her daughter’s education! To spread Sista Mimi’s political thinking, there will be a non-profit movie by a friend of her (he also made the tribute you find under news). The film will build a bridge between her life in Germany and in Kenya. The transport and editing costs of the filmmaker who will accompany Mimi will be 1.300 € (500€ for the ticket, 300€ for travel costs, 500€ for the technical equipment). The film will also help for long-term financial support for her daughter´s education.”

After 20 years of activism in Germany, Sista Mimi died on December 10. Until the very end, she kept on fighting for human rights​, lastly​ in the Refugee School in Kreuzberg.
As long as she was alive, she refused to return to Kenya: Who then would bring about change in Germany? But her last wish was to rest in peace in Kenya.
For her wish to come true, we must pay the funeral parlour 7.000€ on DECEMBER 29​! Only then will Mimi fly to Nairobi!
Let’s all contribute towards fulfilling the last wish of this extraordinary activist, musician and friend who lives on in all of us! And, above all, let’s tell everyone whom we meet about Sista Mimi, show the a video of her and ask them to contribute, too!


mimi portrait

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Bündnis gegen Rassismus: Statement zum Tod von Sista Mimi und den Festnahmen von Bewohnern der Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule

english below

Nicht mal vor einer Trauerfeier machen sie halt Wir sind entsetzt und wütend über die jüngsten Ereignisse rund um die Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule (GHS) und verurteilen das Vorgehen vom Kreuzberger Bezirksamt und der Berliner Polizei aufs Schärfste.

Am Morgen des 10.12.14, dem Internationalen Tag der Menschenrechte, drangen Polizei und Bezirksamt ohne Absprache oder Vorankündigung um 5 Uhr morgens in die GHS in der Ohlauer Straße ein. Mit Gewalt brach die Polizei Türen zu Schlafräumen auf, verwüstete die Zimmer der Bewohner*innen und verhaftete 3 Menschen aus dem Bett heraus.

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*In remembrance of our friend Sista Mimi*

*In remembrance of our friend Sista Mimi*


Video (deutsche, sub english):

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Today, Saturday, the 13th of December, at 14h we are holding a march for our beloved Sista Mimi who passed away on Wednesday 10th December, 2014.

We will start at Oranienplatz and walk to the Info Point of the school, where we will have a press conference.

Sista Mimi died last wednesday afternoon peacefully at a friend’s house. She had been battling an illness for already sometime. And although physically she was not in her best form, she has never stopped participating in all political activities or voicing her anger and discontent against this unfair world we are trying to transform into a better place.

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We are one – against racism and police brutality

 Saturday 13.12.2014 at 2pm we are holding a commemomeration march for our beloved Sista Mimi who passed away on Wednesday 10th December, 2014. It is as well the date of the International Human Rights Day.
The march will start at Oplatz and end in front of the school with a press conference.

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