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Refugee Guide Berlin

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The Refugee Guide Berlin is out!

The Sleeping Place Orga Group has just created a print and digital version of the Refugee Guide Berlin in English.

Refugee Guide Berlin

Refugee Guide Oplatz


This booklet is made for you – refugees living in Berlin, with or without papers, especially for those, who have just arrived and need some orientation. It will help you to get information on all aspects of life, no matter where you are from or what status you have. We have often witnessed how difficult life can be for refugees in Germany. Racism, ignorance and the indifference of German authorities have meant that many refugees who came here to find shelter from war, poverty and persecution are completely on their own and are often faced with homelessness and poverty.


Yet, for all those, who are concerned: you are not alone! We regard every human being as equal regardless of constructions like nationality or the passport you have. Hence, everybody should have the same rights, access to work and accommodation. We disagree with the existing state, in which refugees are forced to live packed into camps, having no control about their wellbeing and being permanently threatened by deportation.

What is the difference between refugees and ‘normal’ citizens besides the fact that the former had to flee from their homes? There is none. Many out there agree with us and show solidarity with refugees in many different ways: political action, accommodation support, medical help, food, legal assistance, to name only some. This booklet aims at providing you with information about the different kinds of support and possibilities of self-organization you can get to live your life in Berlin in dignity and a more independent way.

Link: FINAL_RefugeeGuideBerlin-WEB

Booklet versions in French, Arabic, German and Italian will soon follow. If you want to obtain print versions or if you can offer any help with translations, contact

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Urgent call and newsletter of Schlafplatzorga (accomodation group) May/June 2015

most favorite signboard of Schlafplatzorga
Hi everyone,
we have emergency situation again concerning the woman, who was “silently” evicted from Ohlauer school two and a half month ago. From tomorow we don’t have any further solution for her. We are asking you again to show your strong solidarity and offer her a soli accommodation if possible. Thanks.

Solidarity greetings Schlafplatzorga OPlatz



Newsletter May/ June
we want to give you a small overview on the current situation concerning the activities of the soli accommodation group at Oplatz. In the last two months we had 19 supporters who have offered soli accommodation for refugees, 8 of them are available at the moment on our request. Most of them are able to offer temporary accommodation either for one night, few days or, pretty rarely, for one week. Others already host people on a longer basis, or have announced to be available only in some weeks.

Daily we have at least three refugees who are searching for a place to stay, recently we had even 10 requests in one day. We are not able to meet all requirements because of the current small number of offers. For one or two refugees daily we mediate places in emergency shelters, though very reluctantly.

Thanks to our network with the solizimmer group and valuable information they provided, we have managed to mediate one long term offer recently and possibly some more in the future.

At the moment only five of us are covering the daily shifts (Monday-Friday from 6 – 8 pm), we are under the heavy load trying to organise our small group in the best way. We need definitely additional strength and recources. Please join us, if you can imagine to contribute anyhow to our work. We have a regular open meeting each wednesday from 8 pm at Oranienplatz. Thus, we would be very glad, if we can split the various tasks concerning the soli accommodation activities: public relations work, coordination, networking, mediation, crowding campaigns, projects development, etc.

You can reach us easily on our info number: 0176 – 37 32 54 99 or via e-mail:

Solidarity greetings

Schlafplatzorga Oplatz