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Kundgebung, 11.12.2014, 18:00 Uhr, Alt-Moabit (Strasse), gegenüber vom Knast

Kundgebung, 11.12.2014, 18:00 Uhr, Alt-Moabit (Strasse), gegenüber vom Knast

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They won’t let us mourn in peace!

Yesterday evening, the Berlin refugee movement lost one of its most important activists: Sista Mimi.

This morning at 12:30 in front of the Ohlauer school, right in the middle of Mimi’s memorial ceremony, the police arrested another refugee activist from the school.

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“Auch das Amtsgericht untersagt Bezirksamt Kreuzberg einstweilig die Räumung der Hauptmann-Schule.”

Noch ein Flüchtling darf in der Schule bleiben (taz, 12.11.2014)
Zuflucht vor Gericht (Tagesspiegel, 12.11.2014)





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Berlin muss Vereinbarung einhalten/UND, Ohlauer Räumung vorerst ausgesetzt

Berlin has to comply with the agreement/AND the evicition in Ohlauer temporarily prohibited 

Court prohibits eviction of the Gerhart-Hauptmann School

“The Administrative Court of Berlin has temporarily prohibited the eviction of the refugees occupying the Gerhart-Hauptmann School. According to the decision, the State of Berlin – represented by the district office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg – has been denied an eviction by an interim order until a final decision has been reached in the case. Continue reading