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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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OUR RIGHTS: RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW: Info-event by Refugee Protest Hannover

Refugee protest Camp Hannover

Seminar: Refugees protest camp, Hannover

Saturday 31th January, at 16.00h, New Yorck (Bethanien)

On 24th May 2014 dozens of Sudanese refugees occupied Weißekreuzplatz, in Hannover and they established the “Refugees protest camp – Hannover” as a sign of refugees’ struggles and resistance against asylum policy in Germany.
They raised their voice to protest against the asylum policy in Germany as well as they are rejecting collaboration between the German and the Sudanese government.
How is the situation in Sudan? What about the suffering of refugees in Niedersachsen as an example of refugees in Germany?
Up to now about seven months have past. What are the demands of them? How is their situation now? How did the authorities in Niedersachsen and in Hannover treat them? What are the difficulties and challenges? What are their plans for the future? What kind of support are they looking for?
You are very welcome and invited to come and join us in our Seminar to listen to and exchange with representatives from refugee protest camp, Hannover!
When: Saturday 31.01.2015, at 16.00h,
Where: New Yorck, Bethanien (Mariannenplatz 2a, U1/U8 Kottbusser Tor)

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PM vom 1.8.: Oranienplatz-Aktivist in Abschiebehaft

Pressemitteilung des Flüchtlingsrat Berlin

Am 29. Juli 2014 wurde Badra Ali Diarra, ein Aktivist vom Oranienplatz, auf Betreiben der Ausländerbehörde Börde (Sachsen-Anhalt) in Abschiebehaft genommen. Er soll nach Italien abgeschoben werden. Der Mann aus Mali ist Teil des sogenannten Oranienplatz-Agreements mit dem Senat. Die vom Senat zugesagte Umverteilung nach Berlin und anschließende Einzelfallprüfung wurde ihm jedoch nicht zuteil. Auch der im Einigungspapier zugesicherte Abschiebestopp wird nicht gewährt.

Der Flüchtlingsrat Berlin fordert den Senat auf, sich umgehend für die Freilassung des Mannes einzusetzen sowie die ausländerrechtliche Zuständigkeit zu übernehmen.

Das Einigungspapier des Senats sieht vor, Continue reading

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A concrete personal call: Support the protest at Oranienplatz

Stop Deportation! – Abolish the Lagersystem! – Stop Residenzpflicht! – Right to stay, work & study!

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The Protestcamp at Oranienplatz exist now for 15 months. The protest camp is struggling against the second winter and the growing threat of eviction by the Berlin Senate. Although there is negotiations going on right now.

Different media and some people say 15 month of Protestcamp is enough. They don’t want to see it anymore. But the contrary has to happen. It is just a beginning. There has to happen a lot more to bring down the system of racist exclusion.

And yet the protest stays and it will not be so easy to get rid of it. It keeps renewing itself. The protest is a movement of many participants, a strong movement under the most difficult conditions. It is clear that the living conditions at Oranienplatz are not good at all. But people live there to fight not because it is so nice.

Even before Oranienplatz, the movement had a long history and tradition. But in the last two years, it has reached so many people, empowered so many, shaken laws and smashed racist images. Worldwide, in many cities, in isolation camps, in the city district around Oranienplatz. Continue reading

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29.11. Pressrelease by the refugee activists from oranienplatz and the occupied school

We asylum seekers in Germany and refugees from lampedusa want to use this statement to set a sign against the attemts of separation from certain media and politicians and to clearify our situation. Especially since the failed eviction of our camp in kreuzberg on sunday the 24th of November 2013 we are confronted with a massive change in the way the media reports about our protest. The demands to abolish Lagers and Residenzpflicht, to stop all deportations, for the unlimited right to stay, the right to work, study, and choice of housing, and freedom of movement were set up within a common discussion of refugee activists. Continue reading