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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Statement concerning the planned tightening of the asylum law by one refugee activist

The Parliament is the symbol of representative democracy. Members of parliament/Attorneys are elected by the vote of “people”, in other words ” citizens”, and their responsibility is to defend the rights of “citizens” and to pass laws in favour of them.

Due to this definition, all the asylum laws, migration laws or in other word laws related to “non citizens” are passed or rejected without any representative from them in parliament; that means that by defending their rights, representatives of “citizens” violate the rights of “non citizens” .

The new law, which is based on eliminating “non citizens”, avoiding their presence in future and giving a dangerous and threatening image of them, in better words criminalise them, is supposed to legitimize the notion that citizens (here means Germans) are against the presence of non citizens ( concrete symbols of this opposition in German society is PEGIDA& Co., racism and exclusive behaviour towards “foreigners” or “impures”, which are rooted in history and social and cultural manner of this society ).

About the racist and fascistic character of PEGIDA and their exclusive logic which is the same as Hitler’s, but this time against Muslims, there is no doubt; so, as even the Chancellor of Germany, who is herself from a conservative right party, took up a position against them, the UN high commision of human rights gave a warning to Germany because of that.

Considering all this, what is going to be passed in the German parliament means nothing other than creating another tool to spread racism. Such a parliament which helps in this way to spread racism instead of stopping it, cannot be anything else than an organisation which systematically and legally paves the way for fascism .
If in law or in society or in politics, would you find a better name for such an approach other than Fascism??

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Hungerstrike of refugees in Munich

Again refugees come together to fight at Sendlinger-Tor-Platz in Munich for their rights, for their acceptance and for their participation in society. As medium for their protest they choose hunger strike:

“Our Rights Have Been Stolen

We, the refugees from different cities of Germany are announcing a hunger strike in Munich at Sendlinger-Tor-Platz.

Lagers/ camps  are prisons for us. Residenzpflicht/ residential obligation is a sign of slavery.  Restrictions of work and study are made to divide us from society and to force us to be in inhuman situations. Deportations by Dublin regulations are a sign of political organized policy from EU countries.

At this point we want to say we are not poor refugees, OUR RIGHTS HAVE BEEN STOLEN.

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