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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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call for participation in a slovenian radio broadcast

Hej folks,

today at 17 h there will be a special broadcasting on Radio Študent from Ljubljana, Slovenia, dedicated to  Mos Maiorum. One journalist asked to find someone from the movement who would like to take part, give some comments and statements on telephone, it will be directly broadcasted today from 17 h.

Radio Študent is the strongest oppositon & critical media in Slovenia since the 80’s, very popular and with a significant influence on a broad public (also in former Yugoslavia, Italy, Austria etc.)

let us know if anyone is interested to take part in this. Sorry for the short notice, request came just now.

our mail:

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Police controls at Berlin overland bus station

montag, 13.10.: hohe Polizeipräsenz am Berliner Messedamm/ICC/ZOB.
monday, 13.10.: massive presence of police at Messedamm/ICC/ZOB Berlin.

Be aware travelling by long-distance buses!!

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**!! Achtung – Reisewarnung !!*

**!! Achtung – Reisewarnung !!*
*Vom 13.-26.10. findet in der gesamten EU eine Polizeioperation unter
dem Namen /”mos maiorum”/ statt. In diesen zwei Wochen werden etwa
18.000 Polizisten in enger Zusammenarbeit mit FRONTEX auf Jagd nach
Menschen ohne Aufenthaltsstatus gehen. Sie wollen unsere Migrationswege
herausfinden und möglichst viele von uns festnehmen.
Warnt bitte alle Menschen ohne Papiere! Vor allem in Zügen, auf
Bahnhöfen, an Flughäfen, auf Autobahnen und an innereuropäischen Grenzen
sind vermehrt Kontrollen zu erwarten.*
Notfallnummer für Leute die in Berlin kontrolliert werden: 0151 12874001


mapping mos maiorum check points

a website for documentation on police actions during “mos maiorum” operation

*Gegen die Festung Europa!*
*Kein Mensch ist illegal!*


WARNING: EU-wide police operation against refugees!!!

An EU-wide police operation with the name „mos maiorum“ is taking place from 13th to 26th of October. During two weeks 18.000 police forces will chase people without papers. They want to find out about our migration routes and arrest as many of us as possible. Please warn all people without papers! Encreased controls are expected in trains, train stations, on airports, on highways and on inner-european borders.

emergency number for people facing problems when controlled in Berlin: 0151 12874001

document describing EU police operation “Mos Maiorum”

mapping mos maiorum check points

a website for documentation on police actions during “mos maiorum” operation