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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Mythos „sichere“ Herkunftsstaaten und Asylrechtsverschärfung

Roma Alle bleiben

Alle bleiben

8. Dezember 2015

Seminarzentrum Rost- und Silberlaube • Habelschwerdter Allee 45, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem • U-Bahn Dahlem Dorf (U3)

17 Uhr Dokumentation der Recherchereise nach Serbien,
Mazedonien und Kosovo von „alle bleiben!“
18 Uhr Podiumsdiskussion

English und Srpski below

Im Rahmen der Asylrechtsverschärfungen vom 6. November 2014 und 15. Oktober 2015 wurden unter anderem die Staaten Serbien, Mazedonien, Bosnien und Herzegowina sowie Albanien, Kosovo, Montenegro als sogenannte „sichere“ Herkunftsstaaten eingestuft:

Staaten, in denen weder politische Verfolgung noch „unmenschliche oder erniedrigende Bestrafung und Behandlung stattfindet“ (Formulierung des deutschen Grundgesetzes)

Eine Recherchereise des Bündnisses „alle bleiben!“ zur Situation der Roma nach Mazedonien, Serbien und Kosovo hat noch einmal bestätigt, dass die Situation vor Ort nichts mit sog. „sicheren“ Herkunftsländern zu tun hat und eher etwas über die bestehende Haltung in Deutschland aussagt. Continue reading

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Fight Racism – Fight Police Violence! Demo in Hannover, Friday May 29th

Solidarity with the people facing racist police violence!

With rage and consternation we noticed the press articles about racist police violence and torture by federal police (Bundespolizei) at main station Hannover. We are as well in rage about how it is dealt with these attacks: NDR (Press) says the main prosecutor (Oberstaatsanwalt) speaks about “an alarming and unique accusation”.


Although the incidents which have been made public so far are unbelievable, they are neither unique nor surprising. Oury Jalloh was burnt in an arrest cell in Dessau 2005. After 10 years of police preventing the evaluation in the preliminary procedure and in court the authorities involved still speak of him burning himself although a examination said, its not possible. Laye Conde drowned the same year in the police station in Bremen due to forced application of water and nauseant into his stomach. Aamir Ageeb choked during his deportation in a plain -which was carried out even though his suicidal tendency was known – because police officers pushed his head on his chest for minutes. 16 year old Halim Dener was shot in his back while putting a poster for PKK on a wall in Hannover. The list is long…

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Political position from Migrant Coordination (Italy): 700 deaths for freedom in the Sicilian channel

mar-rossoSeeing the massacre in the Sicilian Channel, we migrants, on the front lines of the daily struggle against the government of mobility and movement, declare that in the war of borders we side with the women and men who seek freedom. Whatever the reason: escaping war, dictatorial regimes, persecution or simply the desire to change life.

We fight every day to guarantee our rights against institutional racism, which seeks to silence us and make us no more than labor force to be silently exploited. Through assemblies, demonstrations and strikes we organize to demand freedom for all, against exploitation, precarity and racist laws like the Bossi-Fini legislation. We are here and here we fight. But we know that our condition comes from having crossed a border, a border that continues to follow us in the residency papers in our pockets and the daily racism we face. For this reason we struggle so that all the women and men who like us must move to conquer a future for themselves can do it without being blackmailed or forced to seek help from criminals to reach their objective.

Seeing the massacre in the Sicilian Channel we say clearly that the “organizations without principles” are many: human traffickers, The European Union, the Italian State, the governments that use migrants as an exchange commodity. European policies, which continue deny freedom to thousands of women and men, are the main reason it is today impossible to reach the Italian coast safely. Those who want to go on vacation can take a ferry, those who wish to find a better life must seek out human traffickers.

If the Mare Nostrum operation had for a time limited the number off deaths, the effects of its end and the beginning of patrolling operations of the Schengen area’s southern borders coordinated by Frontex are evident. Those who now express sadness on camera that speak of migrants as a European problem are the same that said that Triton would be a step forward: merchants of death and killers of freedom. If the rumors of a naval blockade of the Mediterranean were to be confirmed, the result would be that we migrants would end up as the expendable pawns of a game of cops and robbers, between the “forces of good” of the democratic EU and the “evil agent” human traffickers. Two different sides, but both without moral principles.

Faced with the political crimes committed by governments on both sides of the Mediterranean we demand the right to move across borders by any means, without dying.

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PRESS RELEASE (01.08.2013) from the network of protesting refugees and supporters from Berlin and Brandenburg against lager and deportation in Eisenhüttenstadt

###Protests against the racists NPD-demonstration in Eisenhüttenstadt and Fürstenwalde are planned### Abolish the lager-system!###

Upcoming saturday, the 3rd of August, the NPD is planning demonstrations in front of the lager in Eisenhüttenstadt and Fürstenwalde in order to build on racist resentments within part of the local population. We will not leave this provocation unanswered! Protests against the NPD actions in Eisenhüttenstadt will start at 9:30am. There is a bus leaving from Oranienplatz to Eisenhüttenstadt at 7.00 am. Come to Eisenhüttenstadt and Fürstenwalde on saturday to steal the neonazis the show and to fight the racist normality!

“Our answer to this inhuman cheap propaganda against refugees in Brandenburg and Berlin is solidarity and determination!”, says the press speaker of the network, Peter Frank.

We will defend us consistently against fascist propaganda and institutional racism!
Abolish the lager system! Flats for everyone!
Asylum is a human right! Evict neonazis! Refugees stay!