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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!


Join the commemorative Rally for the dead of the European Border Politics!

Rally for the dead of the European Border Politics

Rally for the dead of the European Border Politics

Friday, 18th December, at 3pm, in front of the European Commission, Unter den Linden 78

Call for action:

Join the commemorative Rally for the dead of the European Border Politics next Friday at 3pm, in front of the European Commission, Unter den Linden 78!For the international Day of migration on the 18th December, we take our sadness and anger about the dehumanizing asylum and migration politics of the EU on the street. We want to take a stand against the deadly politics at the borders and inside the EU. Against the asylum restrictions in Germany! We want to lay down flowers and light candles to create a visible symbol, but most of all, we want to be loud!

Against war and exploitation!

For the right to move!

For the right to stay!

Equal rights for all!

Aufruf zur Aktion am kommenden Freitag: Kommt zur Gedenkkundgebung für die Toten der europäischen Grenzpolitik um 15 Uhr vor der deutschen Vertretung der Europäischen Kommission, Unter den Linden 78!

Zum Internationalen Tag der Migration am 18. Dezember bringen wir unsere Trauer und Wut über und gegen die menschenverachtende Asyl- und Migrationspolitik der EU auf die Straße. Wir setzen ein Zeichen gegen die tödliche Politik an den Außengrenzen und in der EU. Gegen die Asylrechtsverschärfung in Deutschland! Wir wollen Kerzen und Blumen niederlegen für eine sichtbare Symbolik, aber vor allem wollen wir zusammen laut sein!

Gegen Krieg und Ausbeutung!

Für Bewegungsfreiheit!

Für das Recht zu bleiben!

Gleiche Rechte für Alle!

Bündnis gegen Lager, Borderline Europe, Bündnis gegen Dublin, Interventionistische Linke und andere!

جمعه ۱۸ دسامبر
ساعت ۱۵ تا ۱۷
به یادبود افرادی که در اثر سیاست در مرزهای اروپا، جان خود را از دست
ما خواهان :
برخورداری از آزادی در رفت و آمد افراد
برخورداری از امکان ماندن درآلمان
برخورداری از حقوق انسانی برای همه

Митинг памяти погибших от европейской пограничной политики
Международный день миграции в пятницу, 18-го декабря с 15 до 17 часов
– за право на свободу передвижения!
– за право остаться в стране!
– равные права для всех!

تضاهرة ذكرى
ضحايا السياسة الحدوديّة الأوروبيّة
يوم الهجرة العالمي يوم الجمعة، الموافق 18.12.2015
من الساعة 15:00 وحتى الساعة 17:00
من أجل الحق بحريّة التنقل ! •
من أجل حق البقاء !•
حقوق متساوية للجميع !•

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‘No-mans land’

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In the last week(s) there has been an establishment of the ‘official corridor’ through the so called Balkan route. This intergovernmental agreement’s aim is to control the flow of people who are fleeing for a better life in Europe. Even though it may sound as an improvement, for the better fluctuation of people, it is one of the steps of the development of the common European Union’s immigration system. The institutionalization of the corridor, which was before established by the constructive forces of incomming people and self-organized activists through the mutual struggle, means new forms of exclusive inclusion to the territory of the EU.

The aim of the so called official corridor is, as mentioned in the previous article, to let a certain number of people to the next country, where usually full EU member states (as Austria and Slovenia) hold a privileged position. This of course doesn’t always work as the number of people and their struggle to reach the desired destination is not manageble by such system. The reason for its establishment is always the discourse of security and liberal humanitarism of the EU and seperate member states. Political functionaries as well as repressive organs are saying, that if we don’t manage the flows well, it could come to the chaos and collapse of the EU. The only chaos in this case is the creative chaos of the incoming people who produce fear for the privileged economical and political castes that are responsible for the suffering of the wide majority of the worlds population. Continue reading

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Dobova lager (Croatian-Slovenian border)

This video was taken in Dobova (Slovenia) a few days ago. This is not just a sole example of the mistreatment of the incoming people. The situations in camps change through days – sometimes they are empty and next day filled with new people arriving from Croatia.

The situation at Šentilj/Spielfeld (Slovenian-Austrian border) is different, as people often get trapped in ‘no-mans land’ between Slovenian and Austrian borders, while waiting for the permission to cross the border. ‘Officially’ people have the possibility to stay in camps, but due to the lack of information, it is often though that waiting at the ‘no-mans land’ will result in the quicker crossing of the border. This often develops in the long hour waiting in the cold weather.

We must demand open borders for everyone!