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Press release by Roma Thüringen concerning the group deportation of December 16, 2015 – Every deportation is a crime

Every deportation is a crime!

Roma thüringenFor several weeks, mass deportations of Romanies and other refugees from so-called ’safe countries of origin‘ have been taking place. The fact that these countries are not safe, in particular for Romanies and other minorities, which been proven by Romany organisation as well as other NGOs many times. Even the notification of a violent abduction to other countries that people have fled from is a threat to their very existence. This holds true all the more for the actual execution of such a violent deportation by the German police. Every deportation is a crime and not tolerable.

In the following, we will report on the deportation of December 16 of several Romany families from Erfurt to Belgrade / Serbia. We received these information from those affected themselves and are in contact with them.

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Protest against nightly deportation in Erfurt

Protest against deportation in Erfurt

Protest against deportation in Erfurt

Press Release 16.12.2015 the voice forum

german translation below

On the 16th December between 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. 20 people protested against yet another mass deportation from Thuring in Magdeburger Allee in Erfurt. Once again several families from Serbia and Croatia have been deported. The protesters started a sit-in in order to prevent the departure of a police vehicle, in which a family that was meant to be deported to Serbia was sitting.

The blockade failed because it was violently disbanded by the police.Therefore, the deportation could not be stopped, but the protesters voiced their critisism and their anger via banners and chants. In particular they demanded a right to stay for Romani people.

More than 90% of the refugees from the so-called „safe countries of origin“ in South-Eastern Europe belong to the minority of the Romani people. There they are heavily discriminated against, a fact that the German state does not recognize to be a valid reason to flee. Although their existence is threatened in these countries, they were yet again forcefully deported by the German police today. Continue reading

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Speak out against deportation! People, please wake up!

Protest in Erfurt gegen Abschiebungen

Spontaneous demonstration in Erfurt as a reaction to night deportations, 25.11.2015

The Voice Refugee Forum Germany

german translation bellow

Speak out against deportation: People, please wake up!

For weeks, families and single people are deported and brought away. Amongst them were politically active people who have struggled against oppression. People are torn from their lives, losing friends and the little security they have in germany. People are deported back to the situation they were fleeing from. They are pushed back to war, racist discrimination, poverty, religious persecution, hunger and many more. All these are not single cases, but structurally organized crimes by the German government. It is a long tradition of pushbacks and chasing away and destroying of non-white people. It is more important than ever to know about it and to do something about it! Deportations are a racist practice, Germany destroys countries worldwide, so people flee here. Asylum is a human right and not a privilege. There must be an unconditional right to stay for all people.

Get into the Lager for Refugees, make contacts, get informed where to find Lager and support the people who are threatened with deportation!

Stop Deportation – regardless of country of origin!

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