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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Appeal for refugee community network from Konradsreuth, Bayern

german & french & russian translation below

To all Refugees in Konradsreuth and Hof Districts

For about 2 years now in Frauenhof, we refugees from Ukrain and Cheychenia have been living together as family community in Konradsreuth with the status of asylum applicant refugees. We support one another through social cultural exchange in our daily relationship.

Since then, many more refugees have been transferred here to live in the village of Konradsreuth and in other districts of Hof, therefore we think it is time to widen our network and community.

It is our belief in human dignity that motivates us to propose an active and independent platform of refugee community to advance our unity for fundamental human rights, for freedom and for the well-being of refugees. Continue reading

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Open Discussion: Solidarity or Charity?

27.11.2015, Friday, 18.30 h, Maxim Gorki Theatre, Marmorsaal

German/Arabic/French belowPage1

Solidarity is a union or fellowship arising from common responsibilities and/or interests, as between members of a group, classes, etc.: But as political activists – what solidarity mean to us? Especially now, in times of movement of people who cross border and (helping) ideology shows up, we would like to come to an understanding! What is the difference between solidarity and help or charity! Who is solidary and when solidarity is necessary? And is it important to get something back for showing solidarity?

Exhibition Collective WE WILL RISE

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