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Report: Mass deportation to Serbia from Berlin on September 1st

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Two days ago, on September 1st 2015, 38 people were deported in a chartered flight from Berlin Schönefeld to Serbia. Among them was D. Stanovic a 20-year-old Serbian, who was born and grew up in Germany with his family. Actually, he was supposed to start his apprenticeship for becoming a baker on Tuesday. Instead, he was picked up by police for his deportation early in the morning. D. Stanovic is now with his great-grandmother in Serbia, the only relative he has there. Also he does not speak a single word of Serbian, which means that he will have to learn a new language.

A press release by Arrivo demanding senator of interior affairs Henkel and the authorities he is in charge of to stop the deportation was ignored. Also the 20 activists who went to the airport as soon as they had received the information about the collective deportation, could not intervene any more. The police at the air port did not show any interest in the activists’ concerns and just said that this was one more deportation like it is being done every 6 to 8 weeks. About the Airline which carried out the deportation we still could not get any information. This mass deportation is not a single case and will not be the last one. Behind this there is a whole deportation machine which systematically violates people’s freedom of movement and sends them (back) to places, which they left for good reasons, by force(see also: Joint deportations as the one two days ago are facilitated through Germany’s recent claim that Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegowina were safe countries of origin, which makes it impossible for citizens of these states to be acknowledged as refugees in Germany. Now, it is even planned to further include Kosovo in the list of safe countries of origin. Through this policy Germany is practically hollowing out the right of asylum, while in fact, certain groups as Rroma or homosexual people ARE facing political persecution in those countries. Nevertheless, this policy is part of Germany’s strategy to discourage people from poorer regions to migrate to wealthy Germany. Freedom of movement is everybody’s right! Get organized and get active against all deportations, now!

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PM (24.07.2013) vom Netzwerk Lager Eisenhüttenstadt – Protestierende Refugees und Unterstützer*Innen aus Berlin und Brandenburg

[english below]

+++ Usman Manir aus Abschiebehaft entlassen! +++ heutiges Refugee-Camp Anmeldung durch Polizei untersagt +++ Anmeldung ab Morgen mittag bis Samstag Abend +++

Wir sind erfreut über die Entlassung von Usman Manir aus der Abschiebehaft in Eisenhüttenstadt und werten dies als Erfolg unserer kontinuierlichen Arbeit! Wir werden jedoch weiter gegen die Zustände und Verantwortlichen der Eisenhüttenstädter Abschiebemaschinerie vorgehen. Continue reading