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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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International Day of Action against Detention Centres, June 15th, 15-20h at Airport Tegel – STOP DEPORTATION!

15h: Info for practical interventions, spreading flyers/ Info für praktische Intervention, Flyer verteilen

17h: manifestation in front of the airport/ Kundgebung vor dem Flughafen

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For June 15th, the Spanish campaign against detention centres and deportations „Dia contra los CIE“ is calling for an international day of actions. Therefore we call for different decentral actions – especially with regard to the intended tightening of the asylum law!

The law criminalizes refugees and constructs reasons for imprisoning people under threat of deportation. It shall serve to legitimate deportation prisons and to re-fill them. Meanwhile, the lobby and industry for detention centres, imprisonment and collective „Lagers“ is looking forward to further profits. That’s why these actions shall make visible the deportations which are carried out from airports in Berlin on a daily basis. The actions should create a platform for a faster exchange of information, better cooperation and mobilisation in case of emergency, as well as make existing structures more effective. Even if the date for a deportation is fixed, the legal possibilities for actions and legitimate measures are usually not exhausted yet.

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Some statements from our friend in deportation prison

Our friend an comrade Badra Ali Diarra who is in deportation prison, although he was part of the O-platz agreement with the senat, send us this statements:

“What happened is that i went to my lagger in Magdeburg, and some policemen jumped on me with handcuffs. I resisted, i refused to cooperate before they tell me why, for what reason, what crime i was being arrested. Noone answered me. The chief of the Social office in Mgdbg had even told me “you came to Germany to go to the night club every night? Well, go back to where you come from.””

“DONT BE AFRAID, if we are afraid we will never get freedom.” Continue reading

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PM vom 1.8.: Oranienplatz-Aktivist in Abschiebehaft

Pressemitteilung des Flüchtlingsrat Berlin

Am 29. Juli 2014 wurde Badra Ali Diarra, ein Aktivist vom Oranienplatz, auf Betreiben der Ausländerbehörde Börde (Sachsen-Anhalt) in Abschiebehaft genommen. Er soll nach Italien abgeschoben werden. Der Mann aus Mali ist Teil des sogenannten Oranienplatz-Agreements mit dem Senat. Die vom Senat zugesagte Umverteilung nach Berlin und anschließende Einzelfallprüfung wurde ihm jedoch nicht zuteil. Auch der im Einigungspapier zugesicherte Abschiebestopp wird nicht gewährt.

Der Flüchtlingsrat Berlin fordert den Senat auf, sich umgehend für die Freilassung des Mannes einzusetzen sowie die ausländerrechtliche Zuständigkeit zu übernehmen.

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