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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Professor launches course for Calais ‘Jungle’ camp refugees

Fence with razor wire guarding French ferry terminal

Source: istock Fence with razor wire guarding French ferry terminal

Settlers will study course on ‘life stories’ led by University of East London academic

Refugees will study for a three-day accredited course on life stories,  was taught by a small team of academics in the camp  (4-6 December). It was be led by Corinne Squire, professor of social sciences and co-director of the Centre for Narrative Research at the University of East London.

For a fuller description of the project please click here


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Mediawork – Blogging Workshop

Oplatz media group Workshop

Net addict by Osmani Simanca

Dear activists!

The media group kindly invites to the first workshop to train skills in blogging, including how to publish posts and how to improve web presentation on the basis of the website (wordpress). It will take place on Friday, 11th of December, 15 – 17 h in the office in Waldemarstraße 46, Berlin-Kreuzberg.

We want to improve the mediawork and invite you to exchange our knowledge and ideas to learn together how to easily and independently use wordpress as a means to spread messages and information. The workshop is adressed to those with beginners and as well as advanced skills.

Come and join in, everybody is welcome!

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Stronger than Borders Widerstand - Flucht - Solidarität

Stronger than Borders: Widerstand – Flucht – Solidarität

Stronger than Borders
Widerstand – Flucht – Solidarität

3.12. – 6.12.2015

Leuchtturm Neukölln, Emser Straße 117, 12051 Berlin

Do 18:30 – 22:00
Fr, Sa 12:00 – 22:00
So 11:00 – 16:00

Program hier

In diesem Jahr sind mehr Menschen auf der Flucht und der Suche nach Asyl als nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Aus der Verzweiflung über ihren täglichen Überlebenskampf fliehen Millionen von Menschen aus ihrer Heimat. Sie hoffen ihre Würde, wenn schon nicht in der Gegenwart, wenigstens in der Zukunft zurück zu bekommen. Continue reading

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We are born free! Reflection and empowerment hour

Workshop by Bino Byansi Byakuleka, Sharon Otoo & Florian Fischer

Friday, December 4th 2015, 17:00 – 21:00

Venue: w_orten & meer, Hasenheide 73, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg (U7 Südstern)

We are born free Bino Byansi Byakuleka

Reflection and empowerment hour

If you are involved in any kind of refugee (self-) organization, supporter structures or charity organizations we would like to invite you to our empowerment workshop.

There is a lot to be done and the current situation of refugees in Germany and Europe requires us to rethink political strategies and use the power we have appropriately.
The current wave of welcoming culture is very important in order to show alternatives to the racist hatred that is getting stronger each day. At the same time this wave comes exactly at the time when our refugee movement has become very weak to almost not-existing anymore. The so-called civil society chooses to be in the helping position instead of supporting self organized refugee resistance. This is a step back, it puts us back to being the helped supposedly passive object while the helpers are becoming a new lobby. Continue reading

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Invitation for Audioworkshop

Wann / When / Quand: Dienstag / Tuesday / Mardi, 7.7. , 18:30 – 21 Uhr

Wo / Where / Où: Waldemarstr. 46 (Ecke / Corner / Coin Adalbertstrasse), 10999 Berlin, Kreuzberg.

Was: Der Hörspielmacher Paul Plamper (WDR, DLF u.a.) vermittelt Grundkenntnisse in Aufnahmetechnik und Audiopostproduction.

What: radio play author Paul Plamper teaches basic knowledge about audio field recordings and audio post production.W

Quoi: Le producteur de pièces radiophoniques Paul Plamper (WDR, DLF et al.) transmet des connaissances de base en technique de régistration et en postproduction audio.

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WE WILL RISE – Movement Exhibition and Archiv! Invitation for Open Workshop June 27th

العربية تحت

from 1pm – 5pm at New Yorck/Bethanien, Mariannenstr. 2a

Please bring material: banner, video, photo, audio, documents, objects, music, …

– Info and Concept presentation – 1h
– Material collection and overview – 30 min
– Break – 30 min
– Working groups on different topics – 1h
– Final brainstorming together – 1h

We will rise - Exposition et archives du mouvement 
Invitation à l'atelier ouvert à tout.e.s le 27 juin

de 13à 17 heures auNew Yorck / Bethanien, Mariannenstr. 2a

S’il vous plaît apporter du matériel: banderoles, vidéos, photos, documents audio, objets, musique, …


– Info etprésentation du concept – 1h
– Collecte et aperçu du matériel – 30 min
– Pause – 30 min
– Groupes de travail sur différents sujets – 1h
– Echange d’idée tous ensemble – 1h

Why an exhibition and Archive about the Refugee Movement?
The Refugee Movement is a very broad movement. It is rooted in a long history of decolonial struggles. In the current struggle with its tent actions, protest marches, hungerstrikes, protest camps and roof actions, … , many many people join and leave the movement. The structures are very open and are renewed again and again. The movement changed a lot of minds and public opinions. Many achievements are made on personal levels as well as on political levels. A lot of knowledge how to fight, work and live together in such an incredible movement is produced by the fighters themselves. The exhibition WE WILL RISE is a collection of this important knowledge to use it for the ongoing movement.

Continue reading

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Radio Play & Audio Installation, Audioworkshop

(francais en bas, deutsch weiter unten)


Radio play and audio installation, Produced by: WDR

Paul Plamper and Jelka Plate are doing a research for the radio play project ABSPRUNG

We are looking for people who would like to discuss these subjects with us and are willing to talk about their experiences with migration. We would like to record these conversations. The conversations will only be published in agreement with the dialog partner.


When: Sunday 21st, from 5–7 p.m. and 28th of June from 5–9 p.m. Where: Institute for intercultural and transnational social work, project space, Adalbertstrasse 96, 10999 Berlin, Kreuzberg, close to Kaffee Kotti What: radio play author Paul Plamper teaches basic knowledge about audio field recordings and audio post production.We are going to train how to work with microphones for voice recordings. We will edit these recordings and are going to play with sounddesign and musical arrangement. please register: Continue reading