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Demonstration Feb.14th, 1 pm: Money Kills! Stop Collaboration between Germany and Sudanese Regime

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Protestcamp Weißekreuzplatz in Hannover rufen für den 14.02. zu einer Demonstration in Berlin auf. Neben der Kritik an der deutschen Asylpolitik ist zentraler Inhalt der Demonstration der Vorwurf der sudanesischen Asylsuchenden an die Bundesregierung mit dem Regime von Al Bashir im Sudan zu kollaborieren.

Von Hannover werden Busse für eine gemeinsame Anfahrt nach Berlin fahren. Dazu können sich Interessent_innen über die Email fluechtlingscamphannover(at) anmelden und Bustickets reservieren. Eine frühzeitige Anmeldung zur besseren Planung wäre wünschenswert.


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Why We Are Here Workshop #2, Hope for Sudan

Hope for Sudan
Sunday 25.01.2015, 16:00
Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin
U1/U8 Kottbusser Tor

We are refugee activists from different groups or networks and we would like to tell you the story of our home countries.

The media often report about war and humanitarian problems in our states, but it is not easy to get proper information about the political situation and current political struggles in Africa and Asia. We would like to share in a different way and explain why our countries are called poor, even though everyone knows that they are full of resources, and why we need to support the struggles there in order to give a deeper sense of our struggles here.

Let’s build up international solidarity! Yallah!
Second workshop (Hope for Sudan: The role of nonviolent movements) organized by activists from: “Girifna” (Fed Up) movement, Sudan; Oranienplatz- Refugee Strike, Berlin; and “Wir zijn Hier” Refugee Movement, Amsterdam

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OUR RIGHTS: RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW: Info-event by Refugee Protest Hannover

Refugee protest Camp Hannover

Seminar: Refugees protest camp, Hannover

Saturday 31th January, at 16.00h, New Yorck (Bethanien)

On 24th May 2014 dozens of Sudanese refugees occupied Weißekreuzplatz, in Hannover and they established the “Refugees protest camp – Hannover” as a sign of refugees’ struggles and resistance against asylum policy in Germany.
They raised their voice to protest against the asylum policy in Germany as well as they are rejecting collaboration between the German and the Sudanese government.
How is the situation in Sudan? What about the suffering of refugees in Niedersachsen as an example of refugees in Germany?
Up to now about seven months have past. What are the demands of them? How is their situation now? How did the authorities in Niedersachsen and in Hannover treat them? What are the difficulties and challenges? What are their plans for the future? What kind of support are they looking for?
You are very welcome and invited to come and join us in our Seminar to listen to and exchange with representatives from refugee protest camp, Hannover!
When: Saturday 31.01.2015, at 16.00h,
Where: New Yorck, Bethanien (Mariannenplatz 2a, U1/U8 Kottbusser Tor)

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1st workshop Why we are here : Chad, 14/12/2014 4pm, Bethanien

Dear freedom fighters,

A series of workshops on our homelands is starting. The first episode will be talking about the current political situation in Chad.

With these workshops, we want to inform people about the reasons why we are here in Germany. In the case of Chad, you might know that our president and dictator since 25 years wants to get “reelected” for the 5th time. However, the colonial exploitation of the resources of our country has been carried on since the independance of the country, in 1960. Since 2003, big petrol companies are drilling our oil: the incomes never reached the chadian population. Different people will also give some general information about the colonial history and geography of our country, in order to let curious european citizens understand more deeply the present of our country.

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Demonstration 26th/29th against Sudanese-German Government Conference

To the press  and  to all activists:

We call for a demonstration against the sudanese-german government conference that is planed to take place in Berlin on the 26th and 29th january 2013.


Tuesday: 29th January 2013

  • 10h am meeting and rally at Auswärtiges Amt / Federal Forgein Office,  Werderscher Markt 1, 10117 Berlin (8.30h am meeting at Oranienplatz infotent to go there as a group)

Saturday: 26th January 2013

  • 11h am Press conference at at Oranienplatz/Berlin.

  • 15h pm Demonstration to the Sudanese Embassy                          

  • 14h           Meeting point at Oranienplatz (go together by U1 to Wittenbergplatz)
  • 15h           Starting of Demonstration at U WITTENBERGPLATZ to sudanese embassy

26.01.2013 – Demo to Sudanese embassy – press release

26.01.2013 – Demo to Sudanese embassy – Pressemitteilung

Please spread the call!             Together we are strong!

Berlin-Refugees on strike

Photos of the press conference:




later the 26.01. at Oranienplatz – camp there is a solidarity- Party for Jimmi C.                                                      He was attacked by fascists on his working place in a discothek in Berlin late December.    see calendar.                        flyer and details below:

26.01.2013 - Soliparty for Jimmi.C. - Flyer 26.01.2013 – Soliparty for Jimmi.C. (only in german)