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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Our borders still kill — action against German Unity Day (3rd october)

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“Grenzen überwinden” ??? (overcome borders!)

This is not a joke, “overcome borders” is this year’s official moto of the German Unity Day (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) – celebrated on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of October. For 3 days, they will party around the fall of the wall and the end of the inside border (1989 & 1990), forgetting all these deaths they produce and finance through Frontex and army at the doors of Europe, on the way to Germany and within Germany. They are so comfortable externalising the dirty work in other countries and selling their border-technologies, let’s remind them what their governement organizes to stop poeple from crossing borders today.

Their borders kill now more than ever!

Let’s bring Germany back to reality and spoil their self-lying party!

Solidarity with refugees and migrants in Europe and Germany !


“Unsere Grenzen töten immer noch! Our borders still kill! 1961-1989” (Action at official celebration ceremony of German Unity Day in front of German Parliament in Berlin, 3.10.2015)


Deutsche Asylpolitik im Gespräch – REM TV

On the 8 of July activists from different political groups of the Refugee Movement as well as political individuals got together to produce our first TV talk show in a studio of Alex TV in Berlin. The program guests spoke about distinct aspects of the struggle such as our history since the march to Berlin, the occupation of Oranienplatz, Ohlauer School, the current situation of both places as places of resistance, our future activities and permanent demands. The idea is to establish a regular program, a series of such TV talk shows, where activists will have their voices heard. For the upcoming talks, there will be single topics discussed in depth by guests debating the refugee crisis created by Europe. Get involved in front or behind the camera! Be it your personal experience or complex theories on how to solve a certain issue: anything can trigger and educate a viewer, simple information can bring one to change her/his perspective. Do not hesitate to get in contact for taking part in one of the shows. There is also the opportunity to learn and operate the equipment in the studio. Those interested in learning more about the technical part of broadcasting a show are also invited to take part.

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La maison des réfugiés – Squatted school in Paris


Emus par la solidarité des habitants du 19ème et conscients que nous pouvons ne pas être bien vus par tous, nous décidons d’organiser une fête pour inviter les voisins à la rencontre des migrants, pour découvrir le lieu fermé depuis si longtemps, discuter, poser des questions, faire ses suggestions, et surtout se détendre avec un pic nic barbecue et de la musique. Nous souhaitons avoir une influence positive sur le quartier le temps de notre présence. Merci à eux d’être venus.

Flüchtlinge besetzen Pariser Schule


Frankfurter Rundschau

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“The Refugee movement is the movement of the 21st Century” – Angela Davis in Berlin, May 2015

Angela Davis// Spanish below // Deutsch untenstehend //

“Can someone explain to me why can’t I go inside the school?” asked Angela Davis on the 14th of May, during her meeting with activists in the Werkstatt der Kulturen, in Berlin. “Is it a school or a prison?” To which people from the audience replied: “Yes”. Angela Davis and Gina Dent wanted to visit the refugee occupied school in the Ohlauer Strasse and were denied access by the District authorities. The day after, on the 15th of May, Angela Davis and Gina Dent met again with refugees and migrants at the Jockel Biergarten. This time to listen, understand and discuss how the struggle for the rights of all people to move freely and have a dignified life is going in Germany.

We, from the International Women Space, were present in both meetings and stressed about the importance of the women’s struggles inside the movement of the people seeking asylum.

Check out the video we made of Angela in Berlin:

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Video on Refugee Tour and Press Release by Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt Manifestation on 16.04.2015

Refugees Manifestation for the Legalization of Tolerated Refugees and
to Stop Administrative Abuse!
With Refugees as Guest Speakers from Schwäebish Gmünd

Video: Schwäebish Gmünd Refugee Activists Tour and Discussions on Civil
Disobedience against Imprisonment and Movement Restriction



Date: 16.04.2015
Venue: Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Marktplatz)

Refugee self-organizations and initiatives are holding a manifestation to
denounce an illicit practice of depriving registered refugees in their
legal existence and to demand legalization of Tolerated Refugees that
have been residing in Germany for so many years without compromise.

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Berliner Polizei begeht Hausfriedensbruch!! Die Vereinsräume von Allmende wurden durch die Polize illegal besetzt


Berliner Polizei begeht Hausfriedensbruch!!

Die Räume des migrantischen Vereins Allmende, die für verschiedenste Gruppen als Treffpunkt sozialer, politischer und kultureller Aktivitäten genutzt wurden, wurden 18 Stunden vor der angekündigten Zwangsräumung durch die Polizei besetzt.

Am Do, 26.3.2015 um 18 Uhr, hat die Polizei, in zivil und uniformiert, das Haus am Kottbusser Damm 25/26, in dem der Verein Allmende e.V. seit 2006 seine Vereinsräume hat, komplett abgeriegelt. Vereinsmitgliedern wurde das Betreten des Hauses bzw. der Vereinsräume verboten. Continue reading