News of Berlin Refugee Movement – from inside

Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Nazis announce attack against lager in freital 31.07.15. – 17:00 – Freital – S–Bahnhof Potschappel

“We didn’t start the fire…” – Wider dem rassistischen Mob in Freital!


Freital in die Suppe spucken!
Den alltägliche Terror gegen Geflüchtete brechen!
Gegen den rassistischen Normalvollzug!

31.07.15. – 17:00 – Freital – S–Bahnhof Potschappel

Egal wie wir die Sache drehen und wenden – eine Änderung der Zustände ist leider noch immer nicht abzusehen, nicht in Freital und nicht anderswo. Meldungen rassistischer Übergriffe und von Angriffen auf Unterkünfte für Asylsuchende sind mittlerweile an der Tagesordnung. Nachdem in Freital über Monate der rassistische Mob gegen eine Unterkunft gewütet hatte, waren die Proteste in der letzten Juniwoche eskaliert, nachdem bekannt wurde, dass weitere Geflüchtete aus der Erstaufnahme in Chemnitz nach Freital verlegt werden. Daraufhin versammelten sich die ganze Woche über mehrmals hunderte rassistische Anwohner_innen und Neonazis direkt vor der Unterkunft. So wurde nach den Fackelmärschen in Schneeberg erneut ein Ort in Sachsen medial zum Symbolbild für die hässlichen Deutschen und den rassistischen Mob. Dieses Bild entfaltete seine Wirkung zumindest soweit, dass die Organisator_innen der „Nein zu Heim“-Kampagne alle weiteren Versammlungen vor dem Heim unterließen. Continue reading

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Statement held by Bino Byansi Byakuleka akaPatras Bwansi at the rally against Berlin’s racist Bergida mobilizations. Bino Byansi Byakulekais is a member of the African Refugees Union.


It is  negative energy demonstrating the climax point of the illness of racism and Islamophobic hatred within the Germany societies—say! Shame on you GERMANY. This energy (pegida)
is instrumentalized by the main stream. To prove this, the German government without being ashamed continuously keeps on allowing pegida actions and provides them tight securities on their demos. This is a total provocation by the state to us foreigners living in Germany.
They say the Germans are scared, that they have fears that need to be addressed.
But who addresses OUR fears? The fear to be attacked on the street at any moment at any place in Germany? The fear that it is becoming dangerous to live in Germany for people of color and black people?
That is why I want to strongly condemn the government of Germany for its negligence to carryout quick and transparent investigation on cases of everyday brutal racist attacks to us refugees and migrants.
That is why am here today with you on behalf of the ARU demonstrating against the pegida illness of discrimination and hatred against refugees and Muslim migrants.
We must stand strong in solidarity and deconstruct the capitalist and imperialist ideologies of dehumanizing humans by dividing us and keeping us in FEAR.
We must fight together against the political, military, economical and cultural interventions of EU member states in the refugee home countries. Likewise we demand the right to free choice of residence, the complete abolishment of lagers, to stop all deportations. We demand the German government to change the brutal asylum laws and migration policies.
We as ARU say no to Frontex.
We expect the European Union to take over responsibility for the constant mass murder and killings in the Mediterranean and give back the Nobel Peace Price from 2012 .
We demand the EU member states to commission an independent Mediterranean sea rescue company and to initiate a radical change in foreign and migration policies concerning border controls.
However, this is not a natural but a constructed development, because it is rooted in the evolution of imperialism as an ideological concept, which in turn is rooted in the systematic dehumanization of other humans ‐ the black and coloured people, the refugees, women, children, LGBTIQ people, disabled and homeless, workers, jobless, prisoners and sex workers‐ in short all the powerless people suffer most from the results of FEAR. As a consequence the majority of the population have to face daily oppression, enslavement, and discrimination.
Now the question is: How to deal with FEAR?
As Nelson Mandela say! “The brave man or woman is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
I believe that we are human beings, who are born free. Therefore we must free ourselves
again. It is possible to overcome FEAR and liberate ourselves from this bondage if each and every
one tries to reflect on his or her own personality within and in relation to the outside world, no matter what kind of gender, race, nationality, religion, education, and status they have. For me FEAR
creates a situation that can only be countered by the analyzing and realizing of the facts and
secondly by educating oneself. Therefore for the oppressed and discriminated people there is a big need to join hands and work together. That is why I say: “my right is your right!” My right to walk,
my right to act, my right to love. We are born free!


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Refugees occupied Theaterplatz in dresden, after the #refugeeswelcome #feb28dd Demo

Latest news on Twitter: #feb28dd , @AsylumMovement
After the nopegida demo in dresden refugees occupied the theaterplatz and set up a protestcamp with three big sg20 tents!
Kitchen is also there. In the moment 09:45 pm there are about 200 people and not much police. Until now the police is not planing anything.
The camp should probably stay until monday, solidarity for tonight and tommorow is needed!
This are informations from a phonecall with a friend and no official statement from the people who started the occupation.
Camp is legal till tomorrow at 8 a.m.
Nach der nopegida demo in dresden haben geflüchtete den theaterplatz besetzt und ein protestcamp mit drei grossen sg20 zelten errichtet!
Eine küche gibt es auch. Im moment 21:45h sind ca 200 leute vor ort und nicht sehr viel polizei. Bis jetzt sieht es so aus als das die polizei noch nichts geplant hat.
Das camp soll wahrscheinlich bis montag bleiben. Eure solidarität für heute nacht und morgen wird benötigt!
Diese infos kommen von einem telefonanruf mit einem freund und sind kein offizieles statement der menschen, die die besetzung gestartet haben.

Status des Camps aktuell: Geduldet aber nicht legalisiert!

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Doubts about police (and white media) reaction on Khalid I. murder

Khaled Idris Bahray was stabbed to death on monday 12th of January 2015 in Dresden. On tuesday when his body was found, police Dresden first announced that it was an accident and that there were no traces of injuries, which one day later turned out to be false information. Also there were no crime scene investigators till 30 hours after his body had been found. Now they announce that his flatmate has killed him, without answering to all the doubts about the process. Continue reading

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5 questions about police reaction to murder of #‎KhaledIdrisBahray

Friends of Khaled ask:

1. Police initially ruled out 3rd party involvement although Khaled was found covered in blood

2. The pool of blood was washed away with water shortly after the body of Khaled was found. The crime scene was not secured.

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