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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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DEVRİMCİ MÜLTECİ HARKETİ DENEYİMLERİNİ AKTARIYOR/ Revolutionary Refugee Movement Shares its Experiences

P1050098Our movement, which is a self-organized refugee movement centered in Germany, has organized exhibitions in order to share the experience of the resistance we have been holding on the streets in Germany and all around Euroupe for many years with different groups. We had the first exhibition in a big tent at Ostbahnhof. During the two weeks of exhibition, there were also many different seminars and concerts in the tent.

We have our writings and paintings printed on big wooden blocks in this exhibition. Besides, people can use the laptops and headphones in order to listen and watch the interviews, films and music about our resistance. All the published news about us and our internal discussions are archived in a way that whoever wishes can reach them.

Our exhibition is on display at the Kreuzberg Museum in Berlin at the moment. Our archives will be exhibited there until the end of October. However, we had a shocking controversy at the opening of exhibition. The chief of the museum said that he did not want the piece we put right at the entrance of the exhibition because it was criticizing the mayor of Kreuzberg. They did not want the critique about the mayor, who actively participated in the attacks against our spaces or resistance and in the demobilisation operations towards the resistance, at the front side of museum.

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Tonight reading with Bino aka Patras, Turgay Ulu and Lydia Ziemke

Bino and Lydia will read from the book My name is Bino Byansi Byakule! Turgay and friends will present the Movement magazine. Join us for the first part of the movement readings tonight 8PM Kottbusser Tor to the right of Cafe Kotti up on the Gallery! And have a good time.