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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Video: Emergency shelter in Wiesenstraße throws out Syrian refugee woman at night


Klick HERE for the Press Release which was published few days ago.

Watch the video:

International Women Space got to know Viviana when she was still living the emergency shelter (Lager) at the Wiesenstraße, in Wedding, Berlin. On te 29th of January we went to the Notunterkunft to have a coffee with Viviana and see how she was. The moment we met, Viviana was already showing signs of stress. No wonder, she was one of the few women living in a shared space of a former Basketball Hall with 200 men having only her bed as a place of her own.

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Lager Mobilisation in Berlin: The “Welcome To Wedding”-Map is here!


deutsch weiter unten.

The very first Version of the “Welcome To Wedding”-map, in 7 languages, is here and free for downloading. This map was made by the local Lager Mobilisation Group in Berlin-Wedding; this group meets every sunday from 5-7 pm in der Exerzeristraße 28. The members of this group are the illegalized people from the Lagers and people from the neighbourhood. If u want to join, come through; the meeting is open for everybody with a respectful attitude towards other people. For the latest news, check out the Facbook-event.

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protocol #15 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation network’ in berlin

this is our 15th protocol to form a “lager mobilisation network” in berlin. again, around 12 people were there – thanks to u all. please add, correct and criticize in the comment section.

see u next year on 05. january 2016 – the struggle continues.
protocol #15 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation network’ in berlinLager mobilisation
1. introduction of the network for our new people
2. reports from the lager-visits
3. next central and decentral meetings




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