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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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First they came for the Roma: is history repeating itself for the forgotten victims of the Holocaust?

The struggle against deportation as well as discrimination and racial prejudice towards the  Roma must continue!!!!!. There is no ‘safe country’ for the Roma.  Read on…

Eviction of Roma Families in France

Eviction of Roma Families in France

By Sophie McAdam
‘Laws were passed prohibiting marriage between Roma and non-Roma, and so began a horrific campaign of hatred against them which continues to this day. For 500 years Roma were sold into slavery, and in various countries Roma women were often forcibly sterilized (in the Czech republic this happened as recently as the 1970s). Millions of Roma were deported, their language and culture was criminalised, and they were hanged or otherwise executed in countries all over Europe’.

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(Source: The Activist: Exposing the Truth one at a Time)

Madres de migrantes centroamericanos piden al Papa por sus hijos

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La caravana de madres de migrantes centroamericanos terminó su recorrido por México con un pedido por sus hijos dirigido al Papa Francisco
“Se estima que hay entre 70 a 120.000 migrantes no localizados en tránsito por México a partir del 2006, de quienes no se cuentan con datos confiables. Son los invisibles entre los invisibles sin que se determinen responsabilidades” expone.


Carvana de Madres de Migrantes

Source: La Tribuna: Carvana de Madres de Migrantes

La carta escrita con la participación de todas las madres y padres, fue dada a conocer por la activista Marta Sánchez, quién confirmó su entrega “por medio del nuncio apostólico en México”, además de hacerla pública con el fin que el mensaje cumpla su propósito.

(source: La Opinion, 20/12/2015)

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Professor launches course for Calais ‘Jungle’ camp refugees

Fence with razor wire guarding French ferry terminal

Source: istock Fence with razor wire guarding French ferry terminal

Settlers will study course on ‘life stories’ led by University of East London academic

Refugees will study for a three-day accredited course on life stories,  was taught by a small team of academics in the camp  (4-6 December). It was be led by Corinne Squire, professor of social sciences and co-director of the Centre for Narrative Research at the University of East London.

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A Case Study of the Syrian Displacement in Beirut: Sabra and Chatila

Syrian refugees in Budampest

Syrian refugees strike in front of Budapest Keleti railway station

Lecture by Marwa el-Chab (EHESS) and Rajaa Bechara (Ana Aqraa)

Chaired by Prof Ulrike Freitag and Dr Nora Lafi Monday, December 14th, 2015, 5 pm

Venue: Conference Hall Zentrum Moderner Orient Kirchweg 33 14129 Berlin-Nikolassee Please register at the following address: Dr. Nora Lafi Phone: (+49) (0) 30 80307- 0

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Border Watch

UK BORDER CHECKPOINT Source: #dannyman

Border Watch: Cultures of Immigration, Detention and Control (Anthropology, Culture and Society) by Alexandra Hall  (Pluto Press: London and New York, 2012). 

This book takes an inside look into detention centres and describes in detail everyday encounters  between immigrant/detention  officials and immigrants. Please click here for the  review of this critical book.

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Refugees need freedom, not handouts

An Essay by Political Activist Adam Bahar

refugees welcome but

refugees welcome, but…

In this thought provoking essay Adam Bahar outlines the death of the ‘welcoming culture’ for refugees in Germany.  He demonstrates how Germany has been directly responsible for supporting several  dictators in the global South and how the Federal Republic is responsible for continuing to impose borders….

The article is part of series abut the refugees issue some activists from different countries involved in writing.You can view all the contributions written in arabic and translated in english for the Series here

Adam Bahar is a political activist from Sudan, currently living in exile in Germany and fighting in the refugee movement in Berlin, Germany and Europe.

3 articles also by Adam Bahar


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the message: written by Moha from the movement


#ohlauer: never try to fool, the people from the school



even if it was your choice to go to hell, maybe it was the only door open. you try to put flowers and take a cage for a bird to bring life to your cell but the flowers and the bird pass away and leave you alone in your cell, maybe it’s a sign for you to continue your way and go out of the hell.


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