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Sexualized violence and the recent debate in Germany

by iwspace

We women from the International Women Space won’t accept to be used by the AFD, Pegida, Bärgida, Bürgerwehr or by any other white supremacist troop of racists!

The recent incidents in Köln during the new years’ eve are unacceptable. Women were sexually assaulted. The police watched and did nothing. Refugees or foreigners in general are being blamed for it as if in Germany there were no previous cases of sexualized violence against women, as if german men were harmless beings. Now take the way refugee women are living in the Lagers and see how much attention the same media, the same authorities give when there is a report of abuse. This is a clear case of explicit racism. White men can get away with the same crimes the men who acted in Köln are being accused of. Refugee women can be – and they are – harassed daily in the Notunterkünfte, Lager and the Patriarchy responds to it with a heavy silence. It makes no sense at all to make a big case out of what happened in Köln and other german cities when the reasons behind such a commotion are nothing but racist propaganda against refugees. No women will be ever safe in a society, which selects cases to be concerned with. All women must feel safe or no one is.

There is much being spoken about integration, but the discussion is still permeated by racism and sexism. If we follow how the debate about what happened in Köln is being conducted, we see that there is no mention of the sexualized violence women of colour or the refugee women are going through. It is as if these women don’t deserve the same or any attention the white women victims deserve. So, we want to remind the public that when refugee women live in houses where they cannot even lock their rooms from inside, when they are living in small towns, being the stranger in the village, vulnerable to racist abuses and attacks, they are potential victims of sexualized violence. We must unite against the right wing extremist demagogic speech. It is outrageous to see men with a carrier in propagating hate now offering themselves as defenders of women’s rights. To see politians from all parties considering closing borders and some openly advocating faster deportations in the name of protecting women is at least disgraceful.

We say: not in our name!

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Stronger than Borders Widerstand - Flucht - Solidarität

Stronger than Borders: Widerstand – Flucht – Solidarität

Stronger than Borders
Widerstand – Flucht – Solidarität

3.12. – 6.12.2015

Leuchtturm Neukölln, Emser Straße 117, 12051 Berlin

Do 18:30 – 22:00
Fr, Sa 12:00 – 22:00
So 11:00 – 16:00

Program hier

In diesem Jahr sind mehr Menschen auf der Flucht und der Suche nach Asyl als nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Aus der Verzweiflung über ihren täglichen Überlebenskampf fliehen Millionen von Menschen aus ihrer Heimat. Sie hoffen ihre Würde, wenn schon nicht in der Gegenwart, wenigstens in der Zukunft zurück zu bekommen. Continue reading

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DEMO – International Resistance Against Violence Against Women! 25.November.2015

international resistance against violence against women

international resistance against violence against women

WHEN: 16:30 | 25th November 2015

START: U-Bahnhof Hermannplatz, Berlin


Resistance and self-organisation:

  • against governmental arbitrariness! More and more women are acknowledging their rights, fighting arbitrary controls and repression.
  • against political violence More and more women are recognising that the oppression they face is systematic
  • against employers! More and more women are fighting for their rights as workers and organising themselves in trade unions.
  • against husbands and violent relationships! Statistics show that the number of women leaving violent relationships is increasing everywhere

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“The Refugee movement is the movement of the 21st Century” – Angela Davis in Berlin, May 2015

Angela Davis// Spanish below // Deutsch untenstehend //

“Can someone explain to me why can’t I go inside the school?” asked Angela Davis on the 14th of May, during her meeting with activists in the Werkstatt der Kulturen, in Berlin. “Is it a school or a prison?” To which people from the audience replied: “Yes”. Angela Davis and Gina Dent wanted to visit the refugee occupied school in the Ohlauer Strasse and were denied access by the District authorities. The day after, on the 15th of May, Angela Davis and Gina Dent met again with refugees and migrants at the Jockel Biergarten. This time to listen, understand and discuss how the struggle for the rights of all people to move freely and have a dignified life is going in Germany.

We, from the International Women Space, were present in both meetings and stressed about the importance of the women’s struggles inside the movement of the people seeking asylum.

Check out the video we made of Angela in Berlin:

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“Welcome to one more sexist event” – women’s statement at Oplatz Kundgebung on 18.04.15

statement by internationalwomenspace:

// Deutsch untenstehend //

Welcome to one more sexist event, where repeatedly you hear the voice of man despite the presence of women. Well, we want to see a change. We want to prove wrong those who tell women we cannot complain because we are equal. No, we are not equal. Far from it.

And yes, we are frustrated by the lack of awareness regarding sexism. Today we want to address and challenge the picture of the refugee as being male and shine a light on the particular types of persecution forcing women to flee.

IntWomSpa18Ap2015-0476In most regions of the world women constitute half of the refugee population and in Europe they make only a third of the asylum seekers. And what is that if not a direct consequence of patriarchy? Of masculinity dominated-culture ruling over women.

The fact that fewer women than men claim asylum in Europe should not lead to the conclusion that women are less persecuted than men. Women face additional forms of persecution, which are only faced by women and these reasons impair their capability to move.

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8.03.15 at 12h: “From O-Platz to Kobane – women resisting united”

Photos of Demo

Dear Women,

we are happy to invite you to our Women’s Demonstration.
Under the Motto *”From O-Platz to Kobane – women resisting united”* we meet
at 12h at Oranienplatz. Continue reading

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Celebrating Napuli’s wedding and the rights of women


Today we celebrate the wedding of our comrade Napuli Langa, who has been an inspiration to all of us migrant and refugee women living as foreigners in Germany. A country that permanently refuses to recognize us as members of their society although we are here despite the hardships we undergo because of their racism, prejudice and xenophobia.

And we are taking our responsibilities as political women as Napuli has always done without asking for permission to do so. Continue reading

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Pressekonferenz: 31.01.2015, 12Uhr, Oranienplatz – Berlin: Frauen wehren sich gegen das deutsche Asylsystem

Widerstand gegen Sammelunterkünfte, sexuelle Ausbeutung und Kriminalisierung von Liebe

Berlin – Aktivistinnen laden zu einer Pressekonferenz gegen das deutsche Asylsystem ein. Anlass ist die Hochzeitsfeier einer von ihnen auf dem Oranienplatz.

Napuli Paul Langa beantragte 2012 Asyl in Deutschland. Doch der Staat, der weltweit Menschenrechte predigt, untersagt innerhalb seiner eigenen Grenzen das Menschenrecht auf Asyl. Das gilt auch für Frauen. Geschlechtsspezifische Verfolgung wurde zwar 2005 als Asylgrund eingeführt, wird jedoch weiterhin kaum anerkannt. Dass außerdem politische Verfolgung bei Frauen als Asylgrund nicht zur Geltung kommt, zeigt auch das Warten von Napuli Paul Langa – deren Asylantrag trotz ihres Aktivismus im Sudan bis heute unbeantwortet bleibt. Wenn die Bundesrepublik Frauen ihr Recht auf Asyl nicht gewährt, müssen diese oft sexuelle Ausbeutung deutscher Männer in Kauf nehmen, um durch Ehe oder Vaterschaft an einen sicheren Aufenthalt und an Grundrechte, wie das Recht auf Arbeit, zu gelangen. Die institutionellen und individuellen Täter dieser systematischen Menschenrechtsverletzungen bleiben unbestraft.

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*In remembrance of our friend Sista Mimi*

*In remembrance of our friend Sista Mimi*


Video (deutsche, sub english):

Tagesspiegel: Neues


Today, Saturday, the 13th of December, at 14h we are holding a march for our beloved Sista Mimi who passed away on Wednesday 10th December, 2014.

We will start at Oranienplatz and walk to the Info Point of the school, where we will have a press conference.

Sista Mimi died last wednesday afternoon peacefully at a friend’s house. She had been battling an illness for already sometime. And although physically she was not in her best form, she has never stopped participating in all political activities or voicing her anger and discontent against this unfair world we are trying to transform into a better place.

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