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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Oury Jalloh: Press release of PEACE- Int. concerning the developments in the case

Initiative in memory of Oury Jalloh

Oury Jalloh

On 27th of October 2015 the Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh is calling once more to a press conference in order to exhibit the findings till now, concerning the case of Oury Jalloh, demanding anew that the case be dealt with as a murder case and be investigated thoroughly and to the full.

It is close to 11 years, on the 7th of January 2005 Oury Jalloh, an African asylum seeker from Sierra Leone, was rubbed of his young life in a police cell in the German city of Dessau. The circumstances surrounding his death have not been adequately explained neither by police present at the time of the crime nor by judicial efforts on the side of the German regime. Countless days of hearings in the German courts costing almost half a million euro have proved futile in the case while numerous persecutions and charges against those seeking the truth of Oury Jalloh’s murder have put activists and relatives under enormous pressure. The unprofessional, unreliable, biased and actively manipulated criminal investigations have led to the African Communities, the Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh and supporters of their course to believe that the German regime is unwilling to give justice for the murdered African. Continue reading

refugees welcome but

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Refugees welcome, but… — germanwide action day

Deautsch unten…

Refugees welcome, but…

refugees-welcome-but“At that time, white men, in their hands the Bible and in our hands bread came, but now is in our hands the Bible and in their hands our blood.” Patrice Lumumba.

In recent months, but a thousand refugees came out of the war in the Middle East and Africa to Europe.

On the one hand, the mainstream media in Europe showed just tired and destroyed faces and bodies of these people – Without to focus or analyze much the “whys” and “wherefores”. Similarly, Germany and the German majority society like to represent herself as benefactress, but not as the one who also causes the catastrophe. Continue reading

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BMI will 100.000 Flüchtlinge obdachlos aussetzen – der Beitrag des Innenministers zur Willkommenskultur

Der Innenminister will*mindestens 100 000 Flüchtlinge* (mindesten 50 000
Asylbewerber die unter die Dublin-VO fallen; mindestens 50 000 bisher
Geduldete die bei ihrer Abschiebung angeblich nicht ausreichend
mitwirken) *obdachlos aussetzen* und für diese Menschen die
AsylbLG-Leistungen auf Butterbrot, Fahrkarte und med. Versorgung Continue reading

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Germany is entering Fascism? Worsening of Asylum laws again.

In the last days, the mass media is making propaganda about welcoming culture in Germany, By showing photos of German people giving cookies and toys to the refugees/people who are ariving to Germany. These photos depict in itself the underneath racist image of society in which the superior white people are helping inferior people of color / refugees. All in all the media reports just finish in the train station and doesn‘t continue of what will happen to these people. Because the reality of living as a person of color / refugee in Germany is a everyday fight with a big machinery of racism. And this is the image that should not get published on German/white mass media.

The new changes in law take away the very basic human rights from people, e.g. the right to have a shelter, the right to move freely, the right to work, etc…

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Lager mobilisation


protocoll #1 – forming a ‘lager mobilisation’ group in berlin

lager, nolager, berlin, brandenburg, lageso, humanrights, rightforliving

there are no human rights in lagers.

this is the protocol of our first meeting to form a group for a “lager mobilisation” in berlin and hopefully later in brandenburg (lager = asylheim, unterkunft, notunterkunft, zeltunterkunft. unterbringung usw.).

we announced this idea on the big general antiracist/antifascist-meeting last week at SO36 and around 15 heard our call – a big “thank u” to each one of u! if i missed something in this protocoll, please use the comments secetion for corretction or critique.

as u will see, there was an introduction for our new freedom fighters why the lagers and lager system are shit and why there is a need to mobilize against these unhuman system. after the introduction with some videos, small presentations and direct dialogue, we had a two hours long brainstorming round about our goals and what we can do practicaly. after this round we decided to do a small test-action Continue reading

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ohlauerLetzte Woche hat eine große Delegation des Bezirks einen Besuch in der durch geflüchtete Aktivist_innen besetzten Gerhart-Haupmann-Schule (GHS) abgestattet. Seitdem machen sich Gerüchte breit, dass der Senat hier eine Notunterkunft für die kürzlich in Berlin eingetroffenen Flüchtlinge plant. Die jetzigen Bewohner der GHS stehen vor der Frage, was dann mit ihnen und ihren geplanten Projekten im Gebäude passiert. Sie halten an ihrem Plan fest in der ehemaligen Schule ein internationales Refugee Center aufzubauen, in dem in Zukunft  Platz für 150 weitere Asylsuchende geschaffen werden soll. Hierzu waren sie bereits in Gesprächen mit der Diakonie, die eine Trägerschaft für das Zentrum angeboten hatte. Schwerpunkt dieses Zentrums soll der Aufbau von selbstorganisierten Projekten sein, die den Bewohner_innen die Möglichkeit geben, sich auf politischer, sozialer und kultureller Ebene zu organisieren um dieser scheiternden, menschenunwürdigen Asyl- und Migrationspolitik entgegen zu wirken.

Die Bewohner der Schule, der International Women Space, die Kampagne “My Right Is Your Right” und die Nachbarschaftinitiative Ohlauer Str. laden zur Pressekonferenz ein, um über den aktuellen Stand der Dinge zu informieren, zur jetzigen Lage von Geflüchteten in Deutschland und an den europäischen Grenzen Stellung zu beziehen und um ihre Pläne für die GHS der Öffentlichkeit zu präsentieren.

Pressekonferenz: Montag, 14.09.2015, 11h- vor dem Eingang der GHS, Ohlauer Str. 12

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Social Center 4 All — new squat as refugee center

1st dayPeople squatted a former building of Technical University, in order to make a social center for refugees. Support is needed now:

Address: Englische Str. 20
Official twitter account:
Latest News: #sc4a
Pressphone: 015216979490


11:00 Pressconference infront of the house
16:30 first meeting of people willing to help


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