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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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1st Statement of Farooq Khan – Court hearing on Police brutality in Ellwangen: This is about the illegal system


The German Judiciaries and administrative authorities work to protect police system, its brutality, its crimes, its abuses and its power of political repression against the refugee community. How the legal system works here in Germany could be observed once again yesterday for one more time – it is not about justice but moreover to protect especially police its brutality while executing racist laws and duty. For this reason the courts even join in to criminalize in an institutionalized fashion.

Yesterday was a very long day of prejudice and injustice – the court trial almost took 8 hours. It was another new experience for me to understand how this system can punish and criminalize you at the same long time and again and again.
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PM: Women in Exile & Friends zum Tag des Flüchtlings am 20. Juni: Flüchtlingsfrauen* kritisieren Gesetzesentwurf zur Asylrechtsverschärfung und organisieren sich, um ihre Rechte einzufordern

Pressemitteilung, Potsdam, den 18.06.2015

Weltweit sind über 50 Millionen Menschen auf der Flucht, ein Großteil davon Frauen und Kinder.

Deutschland und die Europäische Union reagieren auf die Flüchtlinge mit Abschottung und diskriminierenden Gesetzen. Wir Flüchtlingsfrauen – die wenigen, die es überhaupt nach Europa geschafft haben – erleben hier tagtäglich die Verletzung unserer Menschenrechte:

Wir werden zwischen den europäischen Ländern hin und her geschoben, die Unterbringung in Lagern isoliert uns und verletzt unser Recht auf ein selbstbestimmtes Leben, und das Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz soll uns noch weiter entrechten. Dieses Schicksal teilen wir mit allen asylsuchenden Frauen und Männern in Deutschland.

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WE WILL RISE – Movement Exhibition and Archiv! Invitation for Open Workshop June 27th

العربية تحت

from 1pm – 5pm at New Yorck/Bethanien, Mariannenstr. 2a

Please bring material: banner, video, photo, audio, documents, objects, music, …

– Info and Concept presentation – 1h
– Material collection and overview – 30 min
– Break – 30 min
– Working groups on different topics – 1h
– Final brainstorming together – 1h

We will rise - Exposition et archives du mouvement 
Invitation à l'atelier ouvert à tout.e.s le 27 juin

de 13à 17 heures auNew Yorck / Bethanien, Mariannenstr. 2a

S’il vous plaît apporter du matériel: banderoles, vidéos, photos, documents audio, objets, musique, …


– Info etprésentation du concept – 1h
– Collecte et aperçu du matériel – 30 min
– Pause – 30 min
– Groupes de travail sur différents sujets – 1h
– Echange d’idée tous ensemble – 1h

Why an exhibition and Archive about the Refugee Movement?
The Refugee Movement is a very broad movement. It is rooted in a long history of decolonial struggles. In the current struggle with its tent actions, protest marches, hungerstrikes, protest camps and roof actions, … , many many people join and leave the movement. The structures are very open and are renewed again and again. The movement changed a lot of minds and public opinions. Many achievements are made on personal levels as well as on political levels. A lot of knowledge how to fight, work and live together in such an incredible movement is produced by the fighters themselves. The exhibition WE WILL RISE is a collection of this important knowledge to use it for the ongoing movement.

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International Day of Action against Detention Centres, June 15th, 15-20h at Airport Tegel – STOP DEPORTATION!

15h: Info for practical interventions, spreading flyers/ Info für praktische Intervention, Flyer verteilen

17h: manifestation in front of the airport/ Kundgebung vor dem Flughafen

deutsch unten

For June 15th, the Spanish campaign against detention centres and deportations „Dia contra los CIE“ is calling for an international day of actions. Therefore we call for different decentral actions – especially with regard to the intended tightening of the asylum law!

The law criminalizes refugees and constructs reasons for imprisoning people under threat of deportation. It shall serve to legitimate deportation prisons and to re-fill them. Meanwhile, the lobby and industry for detention centres, imprisonment and collective „Lagers“ is looking forward to further profits. That’s why these actions shall make visible the deportations which are carried out from airports in Berlin on a daily basis. The actions should create a platform for a faster exchange of information, better cooperation and mobilisation in case of emergency, as well as make existing structures more effective. Even if the date for a deportation is fixed, the legal possibilities for actions and legitimate measures are usually not exhausted yet.

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Statement of the GHS regarding the district’s eviction plans and the decision of the Administrative Court

We want to stay in the school, but self-organized!

Never try to fool, the people from the school!

We, the inhabitants of the Gerhart-Hauptmann-School in Kreuzberg, want to make again clear that we want to stay in that half of the school building that was promised to us in the agreement of the roof occupation (July 2014).

The administrative court in Berlin confirmed on the 25th of May that we have the right to live in the school!! Therefore, the plans of the district to evict us, have been also blocked by a official German court!

Still the district is continuing its ignorant and racist policies against us. Just after the publication of court decision, the district stated that the living conditions in the building are so dangerous because we would cook over open fire?! We are not cooking over open fire! We do not have enough to eat, so we cannot even think about how we want to prepare our food!

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Demo on June 16th: EU stop killing refugees! -Norway, stop the collaboration with the Sudanese Dictatorship!

Call for Action at the Norwegian embassy in Berlin on June 16th, 1pm

Norway collaborates with the Sudanese Dictator Omar Al Bashir to enable him to kill and torture members of the oppositional groups:
About one month ago Oslo hosted delegates and members of Omar Al Bashir Militia and National Intelligence Security Services (NISS) – they covered them under the title authorities for Sudanese Interiors Affairs). Their mission was to facilitate the deportation process of political activists and victims of the war in Darfur. Norway imprisoned about 20 of those refugees from Sudan in Oslo, and they already deported six of them back to Sudan. Insiders confirmed that two of them were arrested immediately after their arrival in Sudan and that they are kept in NISS’ jails until now. Noone knows about their situation in prison. The other two had been arrested and tortured for 8 hours before they were released. The last two disappeared.

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Fight Racism – Fight Police Violence! Demo in Hannover, Friday May 29th

Solidarity with the people facing racist police violence!

With rage and consternation we noticed the press articles about racist police violence and torture by federal police (Bundespolizei) at main station Hannover. We are as well in rage about how it is dealt with these attacks: NDR (Press) says the main prosecutor (Oberstaatsanwalt) speaks about “an alarming and unique accusation”.


Although the incidents which have been made public so far are unbelievable, they are neither unique nor surprising. Oury Jalloh was burnt in an arrest cell in Dessau 2005. After 10 years of police preventing the evaluation in the preliminary procedure and in court the authorities involved still speak of him burning himself although a examination said, its not possible. Laye Conde drowned the same year in the police station in Bremen due to forced application of water and nauseant into his stomach. Aamir Ageeb choked during his deportation in a plain -which was carried out even though his suicidal tendency was known – because police officers pushed his head on his chest for minutes. 16 year old Halim Dener was shot in his back while putting a poster for PKK on a wall in Hannover. The list is long…

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Statement from Refugee Activists from Ohlauer School

We are here to fight for our human rights.

Here in the school the politicians try to isolate us – no visitors, not eve lawyers, doctors, not even international activists like Angela Davis, not even our friends and supporters. Shame on them!

The politicians in Berlin try to kick us out and stop our struggle – but we continue to fight for our rights

We are fighting as part of the refugee protest movement.

We had the march to Berlin, and the the protest camp at Oranienplatz for 2 years.

We had the March for Freedom from Strasbourg to Brussels. Continue reading

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Angela Davis wird der Zugang zur Schule in der Ohlauer Straße verweigert

english below

Bezirksstadträtin erlaubt den US amerikanischen Bürgerrechtlerinnen, sich außerhalb der Schule zu treffen.

Die Genehmigung zum Besuch der Schule in der Ohlauer Straße für Angela Davis und Gina Dent wird von der Bezirksstadträtin verweigert.

Am 11. Mai beantragt ReachOut die Genehmigung für einen Besuch der Unterkunft von Geflüchteten in der Ohlauer Straße. Angela Davis und Gina Dent wollten in Begleitung von zehn Aktivist_innen mit den Geflüchteten über ihre Situation und über ihre politischen Aktivitäten diskutieren. Der Besuch der Schule ist ohne eine Genehmigung der Stadträtin, Borkamp nicht möglich, weil der Zugang zur Schule von einem Sicherheitsdienst verhindert wird. Continue reading