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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Restriction instead of welcome: grand coalition decides package of measures against refugees by IWS from Pro Asyl: The federal government has agreed on Sunday in the coalition committee on a package of measures on asylum policy. Under the rubric “remove disincentives” several measures of deterrence policy of the nineties have been reactivated.
On Saturday, the government had allowed with a generous gesture several thousand refugees stranded at the Budapest Central Station to enter Germany, but already on Sunday the grand coalition presented a decision which contains numerous restrictive measures, among other things.

Deterrence policy as in the nineties
To avoid alleged “disincentives”, asylum seekers will in future have to stay six months instead of three in the Erstaufnahmelagern (first Reception Centers). The measure will be accompanied by the decision to impose again the Residenzpflicht to the people crammed in the Erstaufnahmelagern. The residence obligation (Residenzpflicht) that forbids them to move freely in the Federal territory. Furthermore the refugees will again receive vouchers and food parcels – according to the motto: Eat what comes from the office. In this way several instruments of deterrence and exclusion policies of the nineties, which had been liberalized step by step only in recent years, are reactivated.
The six-month placement in first Reception Centers will exacerbate the already disastrous accommodation situation. To increase the accommodation capacity two or threefold of the existing facilities will create unbearable living conditions for thousands of people, fuelling conflicts within the facilities themselves, marginalizing and stigmatizing those affected. The promise of the federal government to increase the capacity of the Reception Centers of about 45,000 to 150,000 will be impossible to achieve in the short term.

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Oplatz: Open letter to district and senate

FullSizeRenderToday the Senate of Berlin and the District Council Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg ordered the removal of the info-point container at Oranienplatz. But be aware:


Open letter to the Berlin Senate and Friedrichshain / Kreuzberg District Council

(francais en bas – deutsch unten)
Date 13.07.2015
As you know, “The House of the 28 Doors” at Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg was attacked on the night of 30/31.03.2015, in what was probably an arson attack. The solid wooden structure burned down completely in no time at all. The small
information-centre container provided by the District suffered serious fire damage and can no longer be used. The material damage amounts to several tens of thousands of Euros; the weatherproofing materials for the “House of 28 Doors” were funded entirely through donations and all the work on it was done by volunteers.
Fortunately no-one was hurt in the fire.The perpetrator(s) have not yet been identified. Continue reading

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Ferry for Freedom

0nvqhh88.png(francais en bas: )

In the face of migration policies that hamper millions of people in the world to move freely and to seek asylum in Europe without risking to die in the Mediterranean, the Tunisian association formed by the families of the Tunisian missing migrants, La Terre pour Tous, , organizes on the 6th September FERRY FOR FREEDOM, a symbolic “illegal” depart in the Tunisian waters to  claim and enact freedom of movement against the deadly effects of the Visa regime, demanding legal and free access to Europe, as claimed by the campaign “Ferry not Frontex”.

Please, support this project with your donation:

The boat will leave from Hammamet the 6th of September and we ask all the people and associations that struggle for freedom of movement and migrant rights to join and support the event.

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DGB-Besetzung: erster Strafbefehl vom Gericht eingetroffen

hallo, ich habe heute einen brief vom berliner amtstgericht bezüglich der DGB-besetzung (anfang oktober 2014) durch die gruppe “refugee struggle for freedom” [1] und deren räumung durch die berliner polizei [2-3] erhalten; mir wird der vorwurf des widerstandes gegen die polizei gemacht, der wahr ist; die monitäre bestrafung dieser politischen aktion wurde auf 375€ festgesetzt. den brief des ‘strafbefehls’ findet ihr im anhang [4] dieser mail.

ich habe vor gegen diesen strafbefehl einspruch/widerspruch einzulegen, weil ich denke, dass sie für viel mehr steht als der versuch einer finanziellen zurechtweisung meiner einzelperson: ich finde, dass ich, als eine im ausland geborene/aufgewachsene/”geflüchtete” person, die den deutschen pass und die damit einhergehenden rechte mit sich herumtragen “darf”, diese gelegenheit ergreifen sollte, um ein weiteres mal öffentlich drauf hinzuweisen, wie jegliche öffentlichkeitsarbeit und der meist friedliche widerstand seitens der fliehend-illegaliserten menschen während ihres vorganges erst totgeschwiegen und/oder für illegitim oder gar sinnlos erklärt [5] und anschliessend gewaltsam geräumt [6-8] wird- um später, jenseits der öffentlichen aufmerksamkeit, mit bürokratisch-finanziellen methoden sowohl rückwirkend als auch vorbeugend mit repressionen überhäuft zu werden, damit jene für die freiheit kämpfenden menschen an der kurzen leine gehalten werden.

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Statement concerning the planned tightening of the asylum law by one refugee activist

The Parliament is the symbol of representative democracy. Members of parliament/Attorneys are elected by the vote of “people”, in other words ” citizens”, and their responsibility is to defend the rights of “citizens” and to pass laws in favour of them.

Due to this definition, all the asylum laws, migration laws or in other word laws related to “non citizens” are passed or rejected without any representative from them in parliament; that means that by defending their rights, representatives of “citizens” violate the rights of “non citizens” .

The new law, which is based on eliminating “non citizens”, avoiding their presence in future and giving a dangerous and threatening image of them, in better words criminalise them, is supposed to legitimize the notion that citizens (here means Germans) are against the presence of non citizens ( concrete symbols of this opposition in German society is PEGIDA& Co., racism and exclusive behaviour towards “foreigners” or “impures”, which are rooted in history and social and cultural manner of this society ).

About the racist and fascistic character of PEGIDA and their exclusive logic which is the same as Hitler’s, but this time against Muslims, there is no doubt; so, as even the Chancellor of Germany, who is herself from a conservative right party, took up a position against them, the UN high commision of human rights gave a warning to Germany because of that.

Considering all this, what is going to be passed in the German parliament means nothing other than creating another tool to spread racism. Such a parliament which helps in this way to spread racism instead of stopping it, cannot be anything else than an organisation which systematically and legally paves the way for fascism .
If in law or in society or in politics, would you find a better name for such an approach other than Fascism??

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1st Statement of Farooq Khan – Court hearing on Police brutality in Ellwangen: This is about the illegal system


The German Judiciaries and administrative authorities work to protect police system, its brutality, its crimes, its abuses and its power of political repression against the refugee community. How the legal system works here in Germany could be observed once again yesterday for one more time – it is not about justice but moreover to protect especially police its brutality while executing racist laws and duty. For this reason the courts even join in to criminalize in an institutionalized fashion.

Yesterday was a very long day of prejudice and injustice – the court trial almost took 8 hours. It was another new experience for me to understand how this system can punish and criminalize you at the same long time and again and again.
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