News of Berlin Refugee Movement – from inside

Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

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Report of Sudanese refugee’s action in Sudanese embassy in Berlin

Protest Sudanese Embassy Berlin

Sudanese refugee’s action in Sudanese embassy in Berlin

We are eleven refugee-activists from Berlin-Oranienplatz and Hannover-Weissekreuzplatz. On November 19th 2015 we entered the Sudanese embassy in Berlin at 12pm to protest inside and to talk to the embassador about the situation in Sudan. The Sudanese embassador refused to talk to us and the staff called the police. We went to the window, opened it and held our banner against Omar Al-Bshir outside for everyone to see „murderer, assasinator, leave!“. Inside the embassy we didn’t break anything or hurt anyone. We just came to talk peacefully to the embassador. When the police came they told us that they would lead us to the Sudandese embassador, but instead they led us outside and closed the door. So we continued our protest outside near the entrance of the embassy. We spontaneously registered a rally for three hours. We handed out flyers to passer-bys and shouted our demands: „Al-Bshir to ICC!“, „Stop the war in Sudan!“ „Yes for peace, no for war!“. The police took down our personal data. At around 3 pm we finished our protest and left. But we will continue our fight for a free and democratic Sudan!

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DEMO – International Resistance Against Violence Against Women! 25.November.2015

international resistance against violence against women

international resistance against violence against women

WHEN: 16:30 | 25th November 2015

START: U-Bahnhof Hermannplatz, Berlin


Resistance and self-organisation:

  • against governmental arbitrariness! More and more women are acknowledging their rights, fighting arbitrary controls and repression.
  • against political violence More and more women are recognising that the oppression they face is systematic
  • against employers! More and more women are fighting for their rights as workers and organising themselves in trade unions.
  • against husbands and violent relationships! Statistics show that the number of women leaving violent relationships is increasing everywhere

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Afrique-Europe-Interact: Open letter concerning the African-European Summit


17.09.2015: Burkina Faso Le Balai Citoyen (der Bürgerbesen)

Afrique-Europe-Interact:African countries should reject the European claim, that the primary aim of the summit in Valletta is to diminish irregular migration, including the readiness to accept or sign comprehensive deportation treaties with the European Union. Accordingly any attempt to tie payments of development aid to the implementation of measures of migration policies (the so called “more-for-more-principle”) has to be rejected.”

Your honorable ambassadors, Dear media representatives, Dear ladies and gentlemen,

this letter is addressed to the ambassadors of those African countries who will be present at the African-European Summit on Migration in Valletta. Moreover, we want to address the European public and thus European political institutions. As transnational network with member groups from a number of African and European states, we fear that in Valletta the European Union will yet again attempt to ruthlessly push through its interests – not least of all by relying on its simple economic supremacy. This not only becomes visible through the drafts of the final declaration, which have so far come to light, but also through the corresponding plan of action. More so, as is heard from inside the negotiations, the EU is following an extremely uncompromising course. A high-ranking representative of the African Union reported to the media service “Afroonline”, that already in the pre-negotiations no substantial dialogue has come about: “What we came to see from the EU is a monologue which aims to force their agenda onto us.”

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Refugee’s investigation from the Camp Strike in Suhl – It is unacceptable to insult us and threaten our safety

Protest in Suhl: Refugee Rescued With His Cat Exposes “Dangerous And Unlivable” Conditions In German Camp

I fled from the Syria massacre to escape to Turkey. After I decided to move to Germany with my family. I do not have a large family, only my wife and my kitten. We got to take a very dangerous trip. We were so lucky to survive from drowning in the Aegean sea between Turkey and Greece. Then, we spent days and days walking or being transferred by buses or trains from Greece to the German borders. We passed 6 countries, one by one, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria perceptively before reaching Germany in the end. We’ve arrived in Germany on the 15th of September 2015.
The German authorities in Hermsdorf gave us a yellow paper called “Haus Ausweis” with no date of an Interview. Then we were transferred to Suhl camp . In the camp we got shocked of the massive corruption and the bad treatment and discrimination committed by the officers in the camp.

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DEMO All refugees welcome! Against asylum law tightening! 15.10.2015, 17 h, Potsdamer Platz

asylrechtsverschärfung demo

No to the restrictions to the right of asylum!

We demand for all people, regardless of which passport they possess: Freedom of movement and the right to stay! Humane lodging! Free access to education, medical care and employment!
Let’s go on the streets – together, loud and angry! Against racist violence, against the government’s plan for the restriction of the right of asylum and the situation on the borders of the EU! For a life in self-determination for all! Solidarity must become political!

Wir fordern für alle Menschen unabhängig von ihrem Pass: Bewegungsfreiheit und Bleiberecht! eine menschenwürdige Unterbringung! Freien Zugang zu Bildung, medizinischer Versorgung und Arbeit!
Lasst uns auf die Straße gehen – gemeinsam, laut und wütend! Gegen rassistische Gewalt, die Asylrechtsverschärfungen der Bundesregierung und die Zustände an den EU-Außengrenzen! Für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben für alle! Solidarität muss politisch werden!


:ما برایتمام انسانها بدون وابسته گی پاسپورت هایشان خواهانیم
!حقاقامت و عبور و مرور آزادانه
!مسکنی شایسته ی یک انسان
!ورود آزاد به دانشگاه,تدارکات پزشکی و کار
بیایید باهم در خیابان برویم ،با صدای بلند و خشمگین! علیه خشونت های نژاد پرستانه، که حق
.پناهندهگی را در داخل و خارج از مرز های اروپا سخت تر میکنند
! برای یک زنده گی خود مختار برای هم
!همبستگی باید سیاسی شود

Akharas sa amare phralen, soske godi lila (pasosurja) te sile: te meken ame te phiras kaj kamas thaj te asjas khatek kaj sam! Te den ame manuskane khera! te mekename te phiras ande skole, te meken ame te sastarasame thaj te keras buti! Meken ame te inkljas avri pe vulice (strada) – ande thane (zajedno) zurales thaj holjariko!
Protiv o rasisticko nasulipe, te mekename te zjas thaj te asjas po azili, te kikidas e avrikane granice katar e EU! Te mekename te trajisaras amaro trajo sar ame kamas! O solidariteto misaj politicko te avel!

Nous revendiquons pour toutes les femmes et tous les hommes, quelque soit leur nationalité: la liberté de mouvement, et le droit de rester! Des logements dignes! L‘accès libre à l‘éducation, aux soins médicaux et à l‘emploi!
Descendons dans les rues et ensemble haussons le ton! Contre la violence raciste, le durcissement du droit d‘asile du gouvernement allemand et les conditions inhumaines aux frontières extérieures européennes! Pour l‘autonomie de chacun! La solidarité et la politique doivent aller ensemble!

Sahip olduğu pasaportu ne olursa olsun, bütün herkese çağrımızdır: serbest dolaşım ve oturum hakkı! İnsan onuruna yakışan kalacak bir yer!
Eğitim hakkı ve sağlık hizmetine ücretsiz erişim, iş!
Haydi sokaklara çıkalım, hepbirlikte, yüksek sesle ve öfkeli! Irkçı siddete, sıkılaştırılan sığınma hakkına Fedaral Hükümet ve Avrupa Birliği’nin dış sınırlarındaki koşullara karşı! Herkesin kendi kaderini tayin edebildiği bir yaşam için! Dayanışma politik olmalı!

حن نطالب لجميع الاجئين بعض النظر عن جواز سفرهم: حرية التنقل وحق البقاء! مسكّن لائق! إمكانية التعليم، الرعاية الصحيه والعمل! ( لن نسمح لتفرقه بيننا) فلنلتقي على الشارع سويتآ، بصوتها وغاضب! ضد العنف العنصري، ضد تشديد قانون الجوء (للحكومه) والوضع على الحدود الخارجيه للاتحاد الأروبي! لأجل حياه حره للجميع! التضامن يجب ان يكون مسيسآ!

Cerem, indiferent de paşaport, pentru toți oamenii:
Libertatea de circulație și dreptul de şedere!
Cazare umană, decentă!
Acces gratuit la educație, asistență medicală şi muncă!
Să mergem pe drum – împreună, spunând cu voce tare:
NU – violenței rasiste!
NU – restrângerii dreptului de azil guvernul federal!
NU- condițiilor existente la frontierele externe ale UE!
O viață auto-determinată pentru toți!
O politică de solidaritate!

Mi zahtjevamo za sve ljude ne bitno kakav pasos posjeduju: slobodu kretanja i pravo boravka! Dostojan smjestaj! Slobodan pristup skolovanju, medicinskoj obskrbi i zaposlenju
Idemo na ulice- zajedno, glasni i gnjevni! Protiv rasisticnog nasilja, poostrenja azilnog zakona njemacke vlade i stanja na granicama evropske unije! Za samoodredjeni zivot za sve nas! Solidarnost mora postati dio politike!

Követeljük, útlevéltől függetlenül, minden emberszámára: Szabad mozgás és tartózkodási jogot! Emberségesbánásmódot, szállást! Ingyenes oktatást, egészségügyi ellátást és munkát! Menjünkaz úton – együtt, hallatva hangunkat! A rasszista erőszak, a menekültjogiszigorítások a szövetségi kormány és az EU államok külső határainál uralkodóállapotok ellen! Egy öndeterminált életet mindenkinek! A szolidaritás legyen apolitikai irány!

Pressstatement Bündnis Bewegungsfreiheit

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Demo Thursday, September 24: Asylrechtsverschärfungen stoppen! لتوقيف تشديد قانون اللجوء Stop the tightening of asylum law!

( english below / العربية أدناه )

Wann: Donnerstag, 24.09.2015, 14:00 Uhr

Wo: Bundeskanzleramt, Willy-Brandt Straße 1, U Bundestag/ U/S Hauptbahnhof

Am Donnerstag, den 24.9. treffen sich beim sog. „Flüchtlingsgipfel“ die Regierungen von Bund und Ländern um die Asylgesetzgebung zu verschärfen. Unter dem Titel „Fehlanreize beseitigen!“ liegt ein Gesetzespaket vor, in dem der Aufenthalt Geflüchteter in Deutschland so unattraktiv wie möglich gestaltet werden soll. Geplant sind beispielsweise die Wiedereinführung der Residenzpflicht und Sachleistungen statt Bargeld, sowie schnellere Abschiebungen durch eine Ausweitung der Liste sogenannter sicherer Drittstaaten. Trotz humanitärer Hilfeleistungen der Bevölkerung gehören rassistische Mobilisierungen und Angriffe auf Geflüchtete weiterhin zum Alltag in Deutschland. Überdeckt durch die medial inszenierte „neue deutsche Willkommenskultur“ lautet die politische Antwort der Bundesregierung weiterhin Abschottung und Abschiebung. Deshalb werden wir unseren Protest vors Bundeskanzlerinamt tragen und deutlich sagen

Das Problem heißt Rassismus
Die Innenministerkrise lösen
Asylrechtsverschärfungen stoppen

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Solidarität muss politisch werden! Solidarity must become political!

Tiergarten13Social Center 4all. This is a good name and a good project and we hope the eviction of the occupation at Englische Straße 20 today doesn’t discourage people to continue trying to find alternative spaces for the thousands of refugees arriving in Germany. It is not only a question of sleeping places, which are absolutely necessary. It is also a question of finding a places where people can self-organize spaces, where projects can be developed, where new communities can be built.

We welcome and support initiatives which take in to consideration that people need more than charity. Today we stood by the occupation for the time it lasted imagining how a women space could function there. How many refugee women we would be able to invite, what kind of activities would we be able to do together. Since the eviction of the Ohlauer School, not to have our own space has been a huge obstacle to our work. And there we were, in front of a house, whose owner doesn’t use, but refuses to let us use. This logic only makes sense in a completely bizarre system, such as capitalism, where greed substitutes reason.

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