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16.12. LGBT*I*Q Perspectives in Self-organised Resistance of Refugees in Berlin and Germany

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msoWhen: Wednesday, December 16th 2015, 7pm

Where: Migrationsrat Berlin-Brandenburg, Oranienstr. 34, 10999 Berlin. (U8 Kottbusser Tor/Moritzplatz. Rear House, 2nd Floor.)

The space is wheelchair accessible and we are in the process of organizing accessible bathrooms.

Refugees who are LGBT*I*Q are often subject to discrimination on numerous levels, especially in the process of flight and migration. These experiences are often oscilliate between being silenced & neglected and being misused & instrumentalised.

What are the different perspectives on this issue in the context of refugee activism in Berlin and Germany? What is necessary to make these perspectives become more visible in the dominant discourse on refugee issues and what are the expectations and demands of those affected concerning self-organisation, networking and support structures? These will be some of the points we will be focusing on this evening with our guests:

Safa Mohamed (Feminist and LGBT*I*Q Activist), Ahmed Awadalla (Refugee Activist) and Bino Byansi Byakuleka (Textile designer and Refugee Activist)

The evening will be chaired by Joy Zalzala Soyka (Lesbenberatung Berlin/LesMigraS) and will be conducted in English and Arabic with German translation.

What is „MSO inklusiv!“ about?
The Project “MSO inklusiv!” is part of the Migrationsrat Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.. It is a project by and for migrant self-organisations. It views itself among others as a point of contact for LGBT*QI* refugees and migrants. One main goal is to fight intersectional discrimination of Lesbians, Gays, Bi, Trans- and Intersexuals, who are part of our organisation, communities and families. Once a year migrant self-organisations have the possibility to apply for funding for a project dealing with empowerment and intersectional discrimination at „MSO inklusiv!“

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