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Deutsche Asylpolitik im Gespräch – REM TV


On the 8 of July activists from different political groups of the Refugee Movement as well as political individuals got together to produce our first TV talk show in a studio of Alex TV in Berlin. The program guests spoke about distinct aspects of the struggle such as our history since the march to Berlin, the occupation of Oranienplatz, Ohlauer School, the current situation of both places as places of resistance, our future activities and permanent demands. The idea is to establish a regular program, a series of such TV talk shows, where activists will have their voices heard. For the upcoming talks, there will be single topics discussed in depth by guests debating the refugee crisis created by Europe. Get involved in front or behind the camera! Be it your personal experience or complex theories on how to solve a certain issue: anything can trigger and educate a viewer, simple information can bring one to change her/his perspective. Do not hesitate to get in contact for taking part in one of the shows. There is also the opportunity to learn and operate the equipment in the studio. Those interested in learning more about the technical part of broadcasting a show are also invited to take part.

2 thoughts on “Deutsche Asylpolitik im Gespräch – REM TV

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  2. interessante Einblicke, danke dafür! Schön, Stimmen von Flüchtlingen und Migrierenden direkt zu hören.

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