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VIDEO: Merkel drives young refugee girl to tears


Chancellor Angela Merkel is on a TV program where she discusses with school kids the topic, “Gut leben in Deutschland” (good living in Germany). A palastinean girl describes in perfect german her personal situation as a refugee in Germany, with no clear status, perspective and fear of deportation. Merkel then goes straight to the point: there is no place here for all of you. Lebanon, the country from where the girl and her family flew from, is safe according to Merkel, who says “there is no civil war there”. Merkel continues: it is impossible to let all people of Africa and Lebanon into germany, cases should be solved quickly, so situations like yours will be solved earlier. What she means is, from now on, we will deport you and people like you before you even learn the language, we have no place for you. The girl understands the message very well and all she can do is cry. Shame on Europe!

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