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Stop Calling Freedom Fighters Refugees

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stop calling freedom fighters refugeesIt is a new campaign against categorizing the people who like to change their place, Refugees, As many people feel insulted by this word, means that, you can never be one of us, you will always be a refugee.

We are no refugee. We are people, and we are freedom fighters. We put our life to fight for our freedom, so please stop calling us refugees.

And please share the word…

One thought on “Stop Calling Freedom Fighters Refugees

  1. i would not put one word against another, even when i agree on the point that it is haevy to see that
    rich people are taking for granted, that the world is theirs….rich people get citizenship everywhere

    as with the refugee notion there is still visible that dictators in different parts of the world are cooperating with politicians here which wrongly call themselfes “democrats” in the suppression of the rights of the majority on the planet…….

    that migrants that are oppressed here are fighting for the freedom of all is a heroic statement, but is not true for all of the people and it is not even a must, as the earth should not ne owned by the rich against the poor majority that means: we need to establish commons as public riches sustainably
    against those that want to own the planet

    when you put the equal right of everybody in the focus, than you should promote notions that enable it to join the mouvement ….and refugee is not only negative in the sense that a lot of normal
    people understand that people need to flee from dictators and catastrophes and start to open for compassion when confronted with those realities, wereas they would rather fear those that call themselfes freedomfighters…..i soeak of the normal people here…not those that are allready anarchists…and i think that you need to reach more than only the anarchists..So let the word refugee beside the word freddom fihgter, as to reach more people ! The real mouvement is not dependent on verbal radikalism but on broad connections..



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