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Band LOMNAVA is looking for new members

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Picture of the refugee activists band LOMNAVAThe band LOMNAVA headed up by refugee rights activist Kokou Teophil is looking for musical and practical support to help SPREAD THE MESSAGE ON REFUGEE RIGHTS through LOVE OF GOOD MUSIC, please share this message within your art, music, refugee support networks!

LOMNAVA – REFUGEES & FRIENDS [2] is a music collaboration that started 2013 with a group of refugees, musicians and activists who met through Oranienplatz – fighting for all rights collectively. What started as jamming and music lessons in time grew into a live band. Today the band consists of  8-12 refugees and supporters of different nationalities and is open to everyone regardless of status. We play a mix of hip-hop, r n’b, rap, funk, soul, reggae, Afro beat and African traditional music. We rehearse up to 3 times per week and also play shows. To complete the band and take it the next level we are now looking for:

1. A GUITARIST, BASSIST that should be up to playing on a regular basis as well as doing gigs! These instruments are also of interest to us: UKELE or KEYBOARD

2. NI TRAKTOR EXPERTS OR LAPTOP DONATION. Since we are looking to record and produce their own songs we are interested in teaming up with NI TRAKTOR experts (or at least semi profis with some knowledge). We are also looking  for a laptop donation to run the programmes on!

3. SONG-WRITING LESSONS OR VOCAL COACH AND A DRUM KIT. A donation would be great but we are also interested in buying one for a good price. It needs to be of good quality so they can tour and do concerts!

4. DANCERS (Hip-Hop, breakdance, R n’B scene) to develop a stage performance with us!

5. GIGS. Do you have ideas where we can (and should?) play – Holla at us

The musicians who want to get involved in this project need to be based in Berlin. This is to keep consistency in an already fluid situation and build this up to an AWESOME way to spread the message on Refugee Rights!

Kokou, Olof and Lucy are look forward to hear from you!!

WHEN: We rehearse Monday, Wednesday and one other evening from
HOW: You meet and get to know us and talk about how we could collaborate andsee if it fits – normal band procedure
WHICH LANGUAGES DO  WE SPEAK: Many! But mostly French, English and German

IMPORTANT: You need to be open to do performances and be involved more long-term!


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