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1st Statement of Farooq Khan – Court hearing on Police brutality in Ellwangen: This is about the illegal system

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The German Judiciaries and administrative authorities work to protect police system, its brutality, its crimes, its abuses and its power of political repression against the refugee community. How the legal system works here in Germany could be observed once again yesterday for one more time – it is not about justice but moreover to protect especially police its brutality while executing racist laws and duty. For this reason the courts even join in to criminalize in an institutionalized fashion.

Yesterday was a very long day of prejudice and injustice – the court trial almost took 8 hours. It was another new experience for me to understand how this system can punish and criminalize you at the same long time and again and again.

The court’s decision was absolutely wrong. They have to protect “their” executive police – so they can’t acknowledge my rights against this backdrop. The judge was so heavily under pressure that he must have diced against me for punishment. I saw the court noticing: ‘yes, its ok we know you are right but we can’t judge about police brutality without taking into account that the judge has to protect the rights of police. The judges particularly emphasized on how much police officer sacrifice every day duty on protecting people and saving their lives. This is why they can never realize nor accept the police routinely brutalizing refugees on an everyday level – not to mention killing them in different ways like for instance Oury Jalloh, who was burnt alive in a police cell in Dessau back in 2005.

I was brutalized by the German police officer’s and I bitten by a released police dog. How they can assume I am a criminal by defending my rights, my dignity and integrity of my body from further harm? It’s because the system works like that if you are refugee in Germany: they punish you, they criminalize you, they neglect and take away your dignity…and also in future every refugees will and can be brutalized or killed by German police without legal consequence.

But our fight is not finished yet – it continues as long as it takes!

I am appealing to the refugee communities and the pro refugee activists to
stand by me.

Touch one – Touch all.

Kontakt: Farooq Khan (Mobil: +4915218353998)
Refugee Initiative Schwäbisch Gmünd

Police Brutality: Farooq Khan on Trial: Show you solidarity with Schwäbich
Gmünd Activist:

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