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For women, there are no ‘just wars’

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By Soraya L. Chemalysoraya

No one wants to go to war. Before we commit soldiers and societies to inevitable sacrifice and atrocities, we try to balance the inevitable harm against the potential good. We seek to make the wars we undertake “just” by applying defined criteria to a scale of moral weights and principled measures. Men are tortured and die, women are raped and murdered, children suffer and starve. Continue reading…

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One thought on “For women, there are no ‘just wars’

  1. “If women dominated culture we’d have fewer theories of war” – I’ll go along with the author on “if women dominated culture” we might have more of a different kind of cultural theory. Whether we would have fewer theories of war i find an adventuresome presumption. And to go on to maintain that because rape pervades all aspects of “our” culture, “war” never ceases for women is useful as a slogan, but it does not do the complex and insidious reality of rape as an element of culture the justice it deserves.

    Furthermore any person who has done the mopping up after a violent event knows that there is so such thing as useful (hence in some way “just”) violence. Not because i have a penis can i mop up but because i have an opposable thumb, and that is something the vast majority of people have no matter how they experience gender. Fact is that anyone of our species can find a justification for her/his/their aggression, be it on the basis of morality, tradition, affect, or what have you. I am not aware of any study that indicates that one gender as a whole is more or less able to rationalize aggression than any other gender.

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