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Demo on June 16th: EU stop killing refugees! -Norway, stop the collaboration with the Sudanese Dictatorship!

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Call for Action at the Norwegian embassy in Berlin on June 16th, 1pm

Norway collaborates with the Sudanese Dictator Omar Al Bashir to enable him to kill and torture members of the oppositional groups:
About one month ago Oslo hosted delegates and members of Omar Al Bashir Militia and National Intelligence Security Services (NISS) – they covered them under the title authorities for Sudanese Interiors Affairs). Their mission was to facilitate the deportation process of political activists and victims of the war in Darfur. Norway imprisoned about 20 of those refugees from Sudan in Oslo, and they already deported six of them back to Sudan. Insiders confirmed that two of them were arrested immediately after their arrival in Sudan and that they are kept in NISS’ jails until now. Noone knows about their situation in prison. The other two had been arrested and tortured for 8 hours before they were released. The last two disappeared.

Sudanese government lead by Omar Albashir who is a criminal wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, crimes against humanity and Genocide in the Darfur region in western Sudan. Nevertheless, the European Union is collaborating with the Dictator Omar Al Bashir and his security and secret service in order to restrict and destroy the Sudanese oppositional parties, youth groups and the self organized activists in Europe – through dirty hidden deals.
We reject this kind of crimes against Sudanese people, and we will use our rights to defend ourselves here in Europe, and for this we will use all legal and political tools available against the criminal and racist government in Norway and the whole European Union.
We call all supporters and freedom fighters in Germany to support our efforts and show solidarity in our fight against this unjust system.


Join our demonstration in front of the Norwegian embassy in Berlin!

on 16th of June 2015, at 13h

Norwegische Botschaft, Rauchstraße 1, 10787 Berlin

EU stop killing refugees! – Solidarity without borders!

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