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From Boé to Berlin workshop, guided tour, screening and discussion

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Sunday, May 31

3 pm contribution to the workshop Mobility, 12 – 6 pm at Arsenal
Cinema (Potsdamerstr. 2)
7 pm critical guided tour to Oranienplatz departs from Arsenal Cinema
9 pm screening at Prinzessinnengarten
(Prinzessinnenstr. 15, am Moritzplatz)

In 2014 a mobile cinema traveled through Guinea-Bissau screening
recently digitised footage from a Guinean film archive, revolving
around African Liberation Movements in the 60s and 70s. This itinerant
cinema experiment continues in Berlin with the participation of
international filmmakers, artists and refugee activists, bringing
together historical and contemporary images, gestures and accounts of
solidarity, politics of mobility and the never accomplished struggle
for self-determination.

The event begins with a report on the mobile cinema by Aissatu Seidi and Filipa
César within the context of the mobility workshop at Arsenal
Cinema. It proceeds with a critical guided tour through Mohrenstraße
and Wilhelmstraße narrated by Joshua Kwesi Aikins, and continues with
a walk to the Refugees Infopunkt at Oranienplatz where Napuli Paul
Langa will contribute a statement. Moving on to Prinzessinnengarten,
Sana na N’Hada will present his historical film “O Regresso de Amílcar
Cabral” (1976), Bino Byansi Byakuleka will read from his manifesto and
Lennart Malmer and Muhammad Lamin Jadama will present their lens-based
contributions. The evening closes with a participant discussion
moderated by Diana McCarty.

From Boé to Berlin is part of the Visionary Archive project at the
Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art. This event was conceived
in collaboration with the African Refugees Union, Habet Ogbamichael
and Luta ca caba inda.

Joshua Kwesi Aikins (activist and political scientist, Berlin)
Bino Byansi Byakuleka (artist and activist, African Refugees Union)
Filipa César (artist and filmmaker, Spree)
Muhammed Lamin Jadama (photographer, African Refugees Union)
Lennart Malmer (filmmaker, Stockholm)
Diana McCarty (moderator, Reboot FM, Berlin)
Sana na N’Hada (filmmaker, Bissau)
Napuli Paul Langa (human rights activist, Berlin)
Aissatu Seidi (journalist, Bissau)
and others.

Visionary Archive Festival, May 21-31, 2015

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