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Bustour in Osnabruck : Refugees made a sponti inside their heim

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Refugee-Spontandemo im Lager Bramsche; 26.04.2015

We arrived around 2 o’clock in Osnabrück after tarvelling about Hundred Kilometers from Hannover. We were warmly welcomed and hugged by the local group “No Lager Osnabruck”. After having a great meal from the people and a little rest, No Lager and the Bus-Tour visited the Lager in Bramsche-Hesepe. We were welcomed by a lot of refugees outside. After a speech, the supporters and refugees started to demonstrat in front of the Lager with the aim to enter the Lager compound. At first the security wanted to intimidate us but with determination the people got inside the Lager.

At the property the atmosphere was amazing and we felt the refugees were very motivated to fight for their rights. Before we left we invited them to a meeting organized by the No Lager group in Osnabrück at 19h.

They appeared in many to the meeting and after dinner we had a very lively meeting. Different generations from young to old discussed and exchanged ideas and experiences. They talked a lot about their problems and together with the local group came with ideas to address their problems… so in the next days we wait to hear very interesting news from osnabruck.

The demonstration into the Lager was very interesting for all of us. Because it was not planned by us, that was spontenous most of the refugees were from the refugees of the lager were taking part and we Bus-Tour members were chanting our slogens but the main thing was that the refugees were much more motivated compare to last Bus-tour March 2013 after coming out of the lager one of our supporter been avoided by the Police for not taking pictures and Police took his ID for punishing him if there has to be something against the law in the picures which he took if he is going to post that after returning back from the lager during our meeting the refugees of the lager has been conneted with No-lager Group of Osnbrück which was somehing positive for our Bus-Tour and some of the Refugees were willing to take part in our Bus-Tour and two of them paticipated in the Bus-Tour tomorrow we are heading to the city of collogne.

No Lager Osnabruck:
Osnabrucker zeitung:

and we still need to cover costs to go on

One thought on “Bustour in Osnabruck : Refugees made a sponti inside their heim

  1. Good job Friends!

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