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Our 3 friends from Ohlauer out of Prison

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Yesterday the the Berlin Amtsgericht sentenced our 3 friends who lived
in Ohlauer School.
After more than 4 and a half month in prison the 3 friends could leave
the prison yesterday afternoon!
All of them got a suspended sentence for about 1 year. They are condemned
of crimes they should have committed during the roof occupation in
June/July 2014.

Thanks to everybody for the solidarity! Only because of the support the
3 had good lawyer support and visits and support in every day needs. At
least the isolation system of prison could be broken a little bit.

There are still open lawyer and court costs, as most of the donation
until now were used for the daily needs of the 3 during their time in
If you have the possibility to donate for this anti-repression costs,
here is the adress:

Bank account:
ARIBA e.V./ ReachOut
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE65 1002 0500 0003 2448 01
Reason for payment: TWAS

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