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Action week against the new asylum law (10-18 april)

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Join the week of action against the restriction of the residence law between the 10th and the 18th of April! The change in law can lead to imprisonment of an increased number of refugees in detention centers and interdictions of residence that make legalisation impossible. Come and support our daily long-term protest between the 10th and 17th of april, 2pm to 7pm at Pariser Platz/Brandenburger Tor. FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: TWITTER: #noasyllaw

Call for action After the the extension of the list contained within the so-called “regulation of safe countries of origin” in autumn 2014, another aggravation of the residence act is being planned now, which has the potential to transform nearly every asylum seeker into a criminal. What has been demanded by the racist PEGIDA movement on the streets (“The exhaustion and realization of the existent laws regarding asylum and deportation”), the federal government now wants to put into practice without compromise. Tightened deportation regulation therefore forms the core of the “draft law for the re-definition of the right to stay and the termination of stay”. The expulsion and “re-patriation” of refugees whose asylum application was refused as “obviously unfounded”, or who entered through a safe third country shall be carried out faster, harder and more consequently. When concrete indication for the danger of escape is declared, people should be imprisoned to secure deportation. The list of such indicators is so broad that nearly every refugee is bound to violate it automatically, provided they do not come to Germany by air as quota refugees. Additionally, the possibilities of imposing entry- and residence-bans are to be widened, for example when the person concerned did not follow an order to depart, which is de facto the case for any thus far “tolerated refugees”! In this regard, critics of the draft law have called the regulation an “imprisonment program” of asylum seekers.

information flyer on the new asylum law in following languages: English, French, German, Farsi, Russian, Arabic, Serbo-Croatic:

reader of Antifa Friedrichshain (unfortunately only in German):

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