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Silent eviction of #ohlauer and silence of Greeny party


Today the district (Monnika Hermann) threw out 10 people from the ohlauer school. One woman who live in the school go out for ten minutes to go to supermarket. When she returned to the school, The security said that she can not enter her home anymore, as a direct order of district forbids her. There are 10 people thrown out, which are the people who didnt go to the court recently against the february eviction threat.

In the afternoon , on the event in südblock, where Party members of Greens and Linke having a panel title “Refugee welcome”, The party officials faced the people of the school and their question about the role of the Greeny party and Monnika Hermann. Greenies and Lefties said that this is not their issue and they dont what to get involved. If this issue is not related to the members of Green party, then to whome is it related. And how can you talk about “Refugee welcome” in Xberg but ignore the issue of the school.  what make the meeting more rediculos was that the politicans refused to talk in English to the people.

picture of a panel discussion named "refuggees welcome" held by the Green Party and die Linke at Südblock.

This happens while the new Asyl law is getting passed in Germany which basically announe every Refugee as criminal. The law is completely a repetition of PEGIDA demands written in a Legal format. In the time which Germany is officially entering a fascist regime, how can parliment members of Grune Partei dont take any position about the refugee issues. So if it is not their “thingy” then whose “thingy” is this?

Also, yesterday police occupied Allmende, even before the official eviction date. putting Allmende next to oplatz, ohlauer, cuvrybrache and Gorli make it obvious that Die Grune and Monnika Hermann Are harshly implementing military/police repression to speed up gentrification, and this police gangs in xberg, is a very common experience.

2 thoughts on “Silent eviction of #ohlauer and silence of Greeny party

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