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Global Day Against Racism, My Right is Your Right

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On saturday thousends of people came to the demonstration “My Right is Your Right” at the global day against racism.
Right Is Your Right! is a campaign comprised of creative artists, activists, lawyers, refugees, church officials, unionists, clubs, neighborhood initiatives, and individuals.What connects them all is the wish for a stronger political intervention in Berliner refugee policies, in a union of various forces. For collectively initiate a political change.

Meeting point was Spreewaldplatz, were people gave speeches, performed and sang. Among others the theater group JugendtheaterBüro from Moabit made an action to make racism more visible on the streets by using a huge stamp saying »Name it Racism«.

Two hours before there was an other action from Türkische Bund Berlin- Brandenburg (TBB) at Kotti and other places in the city. “5 to 12” is emphasising on the urgency about getting loud and fight against racism after an other year of a high increasing of racist and anti- muslim propaganda and attacks.

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