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Join the campaign against new eviction of ohlauer school

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– update: support the crowdfunding campaign for the court costs against district.

Please join the grass root campaign against eviction of ohlauer school. The district has implemented an inhuman repression against people of the school since summer, and now they are planning their final eviction. However they can not succeed as long as we stay strong and keep united.

What can we do?

Please print these 3 posters and leave them at different community places, like, your school, your home,  work place, bars and cafes, and every possible place which helps spreading the message. We are all media, Don’t let the racist official media break our resistance.

If you don’t have a printer, still you can contact us via ( ) and we will provide you with printed posters/fliers. if you like to join the campaign actively to help spreading the word, just sent us an email.


What happened?

On 20 Feb. 2015, employees of the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg came to the school with police to serve an eviction order (dated 13 Feb. 2015). The residents were ordered to pack their things and get out until 19 March 2015. The order was signed by Jana Borkamp (Green Party), district chief for finance, culture and adult education.

The reason given was that the District and the church organization Diakonie want to renovate the school to convert it into a refugee center. Diakonie wants to lease and manage the whole property and claims the building would have to be empty.

– Read the whole story here.
– Check the latest news on and #ohlauer

The posters:

Berlin hat Geld fur

Es wird mal wieder teuer


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