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Abolish Residenzpflicht! Abolish ‚Lagers‘! Stop Deportations! Right to Work and Study!

Do All Women Have Equal Rights? 05.03. Info event & soliparty 19.30

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Poster women solidaridance2

Women’s Resistance Against Illegalisation & Lager 

Part I: Activists’ Reports from Respect! & Women’s Space

Solidaridance at Jockel (Ratiborstr. 14c, Kreuzberg, Bus M29 Glogauerstr.)  wheelchair accessible

Programm of the evening:

19h30: Panel discussion by I., A. und J. from respect! and Womenspace

21h-21h30: Afrorévolution (Requested) Protest songs from Yaoundé and N’Djamena to Berlin with guy la providence, douala manga bell; deutsch man gabbana; parfait; don tox and gilles yory thegod

21h30-23h: dr k. playing queerbeet–move your feet!

23h-01h: Sky Deep (previously known as Sky Disco from discoBAASSIK)
playing a mixture of Tribal House, Tech Funk & Bass

01h-End: DJ Nagi Koku playing Sounds From Here

As activists from Respect!, Women’s Space & Women in Exile, we invite you to 2 consecutive events to raise awareness about our struggle against illegalisation & Lager: On March 5, Respect! will report on the situation of illegalised women workers in the city of Berlin, on their surviving strategies & their collective organization. The Women’s Space will tell you what it takes to access medical care & family planning in the conditions of isolation imposed by the “bush Lagers” & by the bureaucratic rule of our lives. We will explain what it means to be a mother in exile, struggling for the right to a self-determined life & to education, for ourselves & for our children. We will also try to tell you what it takes to relate to our female bodies, while being forced to live in a crowded, filthy Sammelunterkunft*.

We carry a “double burden”. We struggle not only as Refugees or illegalised persons, but also as women: In March, we demonstrate twice! On March 8, for women’s rights & for their visibility. On March 7, Women in Exile call to demonstrate in Potsdam against the Lager, the racist asylum system & its deportations.

With the funds raised by the info event & party on March 5, we want to continue our friend & fellow activist Sista Mimi’s support for her daughter’s education. We lost her last December after 20 years of human rights activism in Germany. In the 2nd event, on April 2, Women in Exile will talk about the inhumane living conditions in the Lager & our motivation to fight against it with a focus on women & children. On this occasion, funds will be raised for the group’s work.

Join our struggle! Demonstrate with us on March 7 in Potsdam!

Come to our info events on March 5 & April 2 at Jockel!


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